Asian Language Learning in Schools (ALLiS) Evaluation Research

ALLiS is a Ministry of Education funded programme of $10 million, announced in 2014 to promote the learning of Asian Languages in New Zealand schools. The evaluation is based within the School of Language and Culture at AUT.

ALLiS will support schools by setting up new, or strengthening existing, Asian language learning programmes. Funding has been allocated to schools or groups of schools, with particular emphasis on those that establish language learning pathways from primary through to secondary.

What is the ALLiS Evaluation Research?

This national evaluation is a three year, multi study programme of research primarily aimed at ascertaining the impact of the ALLiS programme of funding on the development of Asian language learning in participating schools (primary and secondary schools).

Our evaluation research consists of wide ranging and ongoing contextual document analysis throughout the programme of research. This will include:

  • Analysis of school data collected by the Ministry of Education (ALLiS proposals and milestone reports).
  • Two comprehensive questionnaires for all schools and stakeholder groups will give a longitudinal perspective to the programme with one being administered in late 2016 and one in 2018.
  • In addition, three probe studies will be conducted in 2016 and 2018.

The final evaluation report will seek to understand, describe and evaluate the impact of ALLiS for learning Asian languages in schools.

The research team

Sharon Harvey.

Study lead researcher
Associate Professor Sharon Harvey

Annelies Roskvist.

Annelies Roskvist

Shanjiang Yu.

Dr Shanjiang Yu

The research design

Over the three year evaluation of the ALLiS programme we intend to:

  • Analyse ALLiS documentation (proposals and milestone reports) received from ALLiS groups.
  • Undertake two questionnaires.
  • Carry out three probe studies.
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