Research expertise in hospitality, tourism and events

Professor Nigel Hemmington

Nigel Hemmington. PVC Research, Enterprise and International

Consumer experiences, consumer behaviour in hospitality and tourism, development of life-long learning at work, design of frameworks for continuing professional development, measurement and modelling of customer satisfaction in tourism.

Professor Michael Lück

Michael Luck. Professor

Coastal and marine tourism, ecotourism, interpretation and education, wildlife tourism, sustainable tourism, mountain tourism, transport, aviation, gay tourism.

Professor Simon Milne

Simon Milne. Director, NZTRI

Pacific Island tourism, tourism and sustainable development goals, community based tourism, tourism and poverty alleviation, evidence based strategy and planning, labour markets and work, productivity, information and communication technologies, urban tourism.

Professor Alison McIntosh

Alison. Professor of Tourism and Hospitality

Accessible tourism, social justice and advocacy through hospitality, stakeholders and sustainable tourism development, heritage, cultural and indigenous tourism; critical and qualitative methods, (ill) health, disability, ageing, care and travel.

Associate Professor Peter (BeomCheol) Kim

Peter Kim. Associate Professor

Service management/marketing, strategic human resource management, organisational behaviour, quantitative methods; mixed methods.

Dr Tracy Berno

Tracy Berno. Associate Professor

Local food systems, culinary tourism, tourism and gastronomy, agriculture – tourism linkages, community-based tourism, tourism as a tool for development, South Pacific cuisines, quantitative, qualitative (participatory methods) and mixed methods.

Dr Tomas Pernecky

Tomas Pernecky Associate Professor

Event studies and event management, sustainable leadership, sustainability; critical theory, constructionism, phenomenology, qualitative methodologies, conceptual research, visual methods.

Dr Heike Schänzel

Heike Schanzel. Associate Professor

Critical theory in tourism and hospitality, families and children in tourism, sociality in tourism and hospitality, tourist behaviour and experiences, visitor interpretation, qualitative methodologies.

Dr Hamish Bremner

Hamish. Senior Lecturer

Historical and sociological approaches to tourism development. Tourism, politics, cultural identity and indigenous rights.

Dr Claire Liu

Claire Liu. Senior Lecturer

Emerging tourism markets, entrepreneurship, environmental management systems, service quality management, sustainable tourism, SMEs and tourism operation; qualitative and quantitative methods.

Dr Shelagh Mooney

Shelagh Mooney. Senior Lecturer

Gender, ethnicity, age, career privilege and penalty, hospitality career construct, vocational education and employability, sustainable hospitality workforce; Intersectionality, critical approaches, memory-work.

Dr Massimo Morellato

Massimo Morellato. Lecturer

Adventure tourism and leisure, tourism in mountain and marine environments, co-creation in policy making, event legacies, place activation, ICT in cultural mapping/community development.

Dr Lindsay Neill

Linsay neill Senior Lecturer

Qualitative methodologies focusing on food sociology, anthropology and semiotics within the hospitality industry, wider socio-culture, gastronomy and food experience. Socio-cultural rituals and practices. Hospitality entrepreneurship. Food and hospitality related tourism. The ‘lived experience’.

Dr Mindy Sun

Research officer, NZTRI

Tourist behaviour, Chinese outbound tourism, social media marketing, tourist satisfaction, quantitative and qualitative methods.

Dr David Williamson

David Williamson. Senior Lecturer

Employment relations, exit interview, hospitality, human resource management, labour markets, labour turnover, media representation of hospitality workers and work, restaurant reviews, discourse analysis.

Dr Carolyn Deuchar

Carolyn Deuchar. Senior Research Fellow, NZTRI

Tourism SME networks and collaboration, community informatics and tourism, tourism and technology, ICT and the travel industry, tourism and socio-economic development, governance and local coordination of the tourism industry.

Dr Sandra Goh


Event and festival management and tourism, creative placemaking, social worlds, serious leisure, arts-informed life history, life history, creative research approach.

Dr Warren Goodsir

Senior Lecturer

Management decision making, leadership, phronēsis, service management, wisdom; qualitative methods.

Dr Tracy Harkison

Senior Lecturer

Food and beverage, hospitality education, HRM, luxury accommodation; qualitative methods.

Dr Ben Nemeschansky

Senior Lecturer

Menu engineering, benchmarking, menu analysis, qualitative methods.

Dr Keri-Anne Wikiteria


Sustainable tourism development, Māori development, cultural and indigenous tourism; kaupapa Māori methodology, critical and qualitative methods.

Dr Abrar Faisal

Dr Abrar Faisal Lecturer

Urban tourism, urban regeneration, placemaking, destination marketing, organisational ecology, risk and resilience, tourism crisis and recovery, entrepreneurial resilience, event portfolio management.

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