Our people

This page offers information on staff and students at the Software Engineering Research Laboratory.

We are always on the lookout for excellent students who have an interest in software engineering and who wish to take on postgraduate, Master's and PhD studies. See below for details of our current students and their research, or further down on the page for information on recently completed student work. Note that many of our top students secure funding for their studies.


Prof. Stephen MacDonell
Jim Buchan
Dr Tony Clear
Dr Andy Connor
Petteri Kaskenpalo
Dr Diana Kirk
Anne Philpott
Phil Robbins
Mali Senapathi
Dr James Skene
Dr Jacqui Whalley

Current Students


  • Issam Jebreen, Exploring developer-user communication: nonverbal channels in requirements determination (Dr Robert Wellington [SCMS], Prof. Stephen MacDonell)
  • Sherlock Licorish, Understanding the software development process: participation, role dynamics and coordination patterns (Prof. Stephen MacDonell, Dr Andy Connor)
  • Frederik Schmidt, An automatic architecture reconstruction and refactoring framework (Prof. Stephen MacDonell, Dr Andy Connor)
  • Jim Buchan, Knowledge sharing in requirements engineering (Prof. Stephen MacDonell)
  • Jacqui Finlay, Mining software repositories (Dr Andy Connor, Dr Russel Pears [SCMS])
  • John Graves, Evolution in open source projects (Dr Tony Clear, Prof. Stephen MacDonell)
  • Petteri Kaskenpalo, Secure distributed workflow systems (Prof. Stephen MacDonell, Dr Russel Pears [SCMS])
  • Paul Leong, IS project management (Prof. Felix Tan [CRISM], Prof. Stephen MacDonell)
  • Wilson Siringoringo, Layout optimisation (Dr Andy Connor)
  • Fuguo Wei, A flexible process-centred software engineering environment based on system-variables approach for facilitating software process modelling and automation (Prof. Stephen MacDonell)
  • Waqar Hussain, Requirements change management in global software development (Dr Tony Clear, Jim Buchan)


  • Mujtaba Alshakhouri (MCIS), Visualisation of dynamic systems: applications in software engineering (Prof. Stephen MacDonell)
  • Fatina Aweidah (MCIS), Holistic approach to software process improvement (Prof. Stephen MacDonell)
  • Lois Dai (MCIS), Self-organising maps (SOMs) in software project management (Prof. Stephen MacDonell, Jim Buchan)
  • Htike Htike Wut Yi (MCIS), An exploratory study of factors influencing IT project management decisions (Prof. Stephen MacDonell)
  • Amir Shah (MCIS), Performance evaluation of metaheuristics in resource allocation problems (Dr Andy Connor)
  • Karen Chance (MCIS), User stories in practice: a distributed cognition perspective (Jim Buchan)
  • Bo Xiao (MCIS), An evidence-based investigation of Test Driven development in practice (Jim Buchan)

Recently Completed Students




  • Alison Talbot (Special Topic), Capability Assessment (Dr Andy Connor)
  • Roanne Birch (Readings), End user software development (Prof. Stephen MacDonell)
  • Stefan Holder (Readings), Methods and metrics for object-relational mapping (Prof. Stephen MacDonell, Jim Buchan)
  • Alison Talbot (Readings), Goal-driven requirements engineering and domain knowledge sharing  (Jim Buchan)