Centre for Kode Technology Innovation (KTI)

Kode Biotech Ltd is a New Zealand biotech company that has developed the Kode™ Technology platform. Research supporting this platform is based in the Centre for Kode Technology Innovation (KTI) at AUT.

Kode™ Technology is a range of “biological paints” to create designer biological surfaces. By simple contact for a few minutes it allows users to modify virtually any biological or non-biological surface with a novel biological or non-biological coating. Kode™ Technology molecules are synthetic, have very low toxicity and can be manufactured at therapeutic scale and quality.

Biological surfaces are critical to all biological interactions: they create interfaces and facilitate events such as adhesion and communication while being key components in infection, immunity and almost all natural biological events and disease processes. Synthetic biological surfaces made using Kode™ constructs have already been applied effectively in a number of biomedical products including diagnostic assays (adding blood antigens onto cells), quality control systems (controlled levels of antigens), teaching/training systems (serology & immunology), and as an extensive range of research tools used for modification of cells, viruses, bacteria, organisms, solutions, aerosols, and surfaces.

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Academic Staff:

Professor Steve Henry, Director
Dr Eleanor Williams, Research Fellow
Dr Kevin Webb, Research Fellow

Postgraduate Students:

Pavithra Raghuraman – PhD
Holly Perry – PhD
Radhika Nagappan – PhD
Chris Trent – PhD
Sailakshmi Velamoor – PhD
Stephanie-Anne Croft – PhD
Ankita Poudyal - PhD

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