Building Engineering Major - Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Interested in a career where you can engineer buildings? The Building Engineering major in the Bachelor of Engineering Technology focuses on asset and facilities management, building surveying technology and construction safety engineering.

Building engineering encompasses core engineering technology knowledge and skills related to construction. This major is only offered at the AUT South Campus.

This is part of the Bachelor of Engineering Technology.

Start date: 2020

This programme brochure will be available soon.

Start date: 2021

Most papers last one semester and are worth 15 points. If you're a full-time student, you normally complete 120 points each year (360 points for the entire degree).

You also need to complete a minimum of 600 hours of planned supervised work placement to graduate. This work experience exposes you to real engineering practices and management systems and helps you build engineering networks.

Year 1

This major shares some of the first year with the other majors in the Bachelor of Engineering Technology. You develop skills in essential construction technology and materials, as well as generic engineering skills.

Complete the following papers

Year 2

Complete the following papers

Year 3

Complete the following papers

More details about papers in this programme

Detailed programme structure and paper outlines (Blackboard)

Search for a paper (Arion)

Enrolment in papers is subject to meeting all requirements and availability of papers.

You may have to travel to the AUT City Campus for some papers/lectures.

Asset and facilities management careers

  • Facilities/asset management
  • Building energy management
  • Commercial property management
  • Project management

Building surveying technology careers

  • Building condition surveyor
  • Renovation/refurbishment specialist
  • Valuation surveyor
  • Building inspector

Construction safety engineering careers

  • Health and safety manager
  • Safety training specialist
  • Construction site management
  • Engineering risk management
Key features
  • High demand for building engineering skills
  • Real-life experience working in building companies
  • Offered at the AUT South Campus
See yourself as
  • Interested in construction and how buildings work
  • Someone who wants a hands-on career in the engineering of buildings
  • A practical and pragmatic problem-solver

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