Sentience Lab

Sentience is the ability to experience sensations.

Unique facility for research and development

The vision for Sentience Lab is to create a unique facility to foster research and development of multi-sensory, interactive and immersive ways of representing, translating, and interpreting data – visually, acoustically, haptically, spatially, performatively, and narratively.

Combining multiple sensory channels minimises the uncertainty of noisy or complex inputs, and can provide new perspectives and insights. Immersion provides benefits beyond traditional, purely screen-based visualisation tools: it can lead to better perception of data geometry, more intuitive data understanding, and improved retention of relationships in the data.

Combining modern technologies

The Sentience Lab is transforming data into a new, fully immersive and interactive 3D space that can be used for multi-sensory visualisation, education, modelling, animation, rapid prototyping and much more.

The lab combines modern technologies such as motion capture, virtual reality, head-mounted displays, wireless video transmission and a custom software framework that integrates all those components into one incredible solution. This means that one or more users can “walk” through, listen to, feel, experience, and interact with information taking shape.

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Lab director: Dr Stefan Marks

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