PIGsty (Play Interactivity and Games) lab

PIGsty (Play Interactivity & Games) is a virtual lab which connects video game projects to resources, funding and research across AUT, Auckland, New Zealand and the world.

Working closely with academia and industry, PIGsty provides opportunities for commercial, non-profit and research projects.

Consultation and collaboration

We are available to discuss collaboration, gamification and consultation. We also facilitate workshops and events and our facilities and equipment can be used by external researchers.

PIGsty staff

PIGsty is guided by a staff representative from each school in the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies:

Augmented ABI Rehabilitation project
The PIGsty Augmented ABI Rehabilitation project tests approaches to using accessible, pervasive, mobile technologies to assist in acquired brain injury rehabilitation
Suburban Quilt is a street-game
Developed by Sophie Hanson, Suburban Quilt is a street-game designed for busy public spaces or events to raise awareness of Auckland’s bee population issues
‘Swordy’, an action brawler game on XBoxOne
‘Swordy’, an action brawler game on XBoxOne was co-created by former Digital Design student Alexey Botkov

Contact us

Email: pigsty@aut.ac.nz

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