Screen Production

Screen Production educators at the School of Communication Studies have established a substantial body of research that integrates screen production, practice and theory through cross-disciplinary investigations. Our distinctive and exciting research draws on staff’s filmmaking expertise and research, branching into practice as research methodologies. The diversity of our research interests and our active engagement in filmmaking help our students develop skills, experience and knowledge to succeed in New Zealand and internationally.

  • Screen aesthetics, narrative and film language
  • Screen production and practice as research; practice-based methodologies in Communication Studies
  • Screen production education and pedagogy
  • Short film, documentary, feature film, experimental screen production
  • Future screen modes, forms, practices and technologies
  • Scriptwriting and authorship
  • Screen performance, audience, ecology and industry
  • Screen representation, diversity, identity, culture and society

Academic staff

Explore staff’s research expertise:

Ross Brannigan
Vijay Devadas
Elizabeth Hoyle
Jim Marbrook
Christina Milligan
James Nicholson
Dafydd Sills-Jones
Gilly Tyler
Arezou Zalipour

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