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Popular Culture Studies is the academic discipline that analyses popular forms of cultural representation, including film, television, music, literature, sport, magazines, digital narratives, fandom, and star narratives.  Popular Culture is a term that allows for multiple interactions and academic collaborations. Popular Culture Studies focuses on investigating divisions of high and low culture through the analysis of representational forms that exemplify them. All our staff are active researchers in the field, and are affiliated with the Popular Culture Research Centre at AUT. We offer cutting-edge scholarship by continuing the traditional modes of analysis in Popular Culture, but also putting a greater critical emphasis on the importance of trends and sociological practices in relation to representational and textual forms, and the generation of meaning, structure and identity in the post-digital age.

Our staff are currently exploring research in the following areas:

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-    Gothic and horror in popular culture
-    Fandom in its various forms
-    Fantasy narratives
-    Popular television
-    Food in popular culture
-    Science fiction narratives and aesthetics
-    Popular music and celebrity
-    Gaming and gamers’ identities
-    Comics and graphic novels
-    Cultural histories and iconographies
-    Entertainment and audience identities
-    Representations of death in media and culture
-    Socio-industrial media narratives
-    Digital cultures
-    Social media, including blogs and memes

Academic Staff

Lorna Piatti-Farnell (Director of the Popular Culture Research Centre)

Sarah Baker

Peter Hoar

Rosser Johnson

Justin Matthews

Matt Mollgaard

Richard Pamatatau

Christina Vogels

Sara Vui-Talitu

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