Online, Social and Digital Media

Digital Media at the School of Communication Studies holds the critical role of supporting all curriculum areas in their adaptation to and innovation of emerging communication platforms. Digital Media provides the skills, knowledges, workflows, and practices of digital communication in the 21st century. Central to Digital Media research is the transformation of technological innovation into applied communication media, and technical function into engaging communication practice. Research into emerging digital, online and social media platforms – probing beneath their technologies into their potentials as communication channels – is a key focus of the digital media research in Communication Studies.
Current research areas and projects:
* Digital and visual literacies in the 21st century
* Visual studies of the future
* Mediated audience engagement
* e-Learning pedagogies
* Visual communication
* 3D communication spaces
* Virtual interaction models
* Communication interfaces
* Usability studies
* Digital agency
* Online fundraising and volunteer networks
* Community and not-for-profit engagement
* Mobile communication
* Just-on-time communication
* Virtual communities and social networks
* Performative networks
* Distributed subjectivity
* Object-oriented ontology
* Practice-based research methodologies

Academic Staff:

* Matthew Guinibert (Head of Department)

Associate Staff:

* Shivani Karan
* Rafi Sengupta
* Clinton Simeti
* Sophia Spivak
* Claudio Varoli Piazza
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