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Researchers at AUT have established a strong theoretical and methodological research programme analysing social interaction using multimodal analysis.

Multimodal analysis refers to a particular approach to studying social interaction that seeks to analyse all the modes through which people act. For example, when two friends meet for coffee they might sit at a table together and have a conversation. A multimodal analysis would examine  spoken language, gesture, posture shifts, gaze shifts, head movements and so forth. Multimodal analysis might also include the wider environment such as the placement of furniture, the layout of the cafe, and the other people present.

Multimodal analysis provides researchers with the tools to analyse social situations, without losing the complexity that is inherent in social interaction.

Researchers at AUT use multimodal analysis to study a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Extreme sports
  • Marketing and engagement with marketing material
  • Religious and vegetarian lifestyles
  • Knowledge communication
  • Identity
  • Health and medical devices

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