Journalism educators at AUT have established a dynamic and innovative research programme focusing on the theory and practice of journalism and news production. All our staff are active researchers and this directly informs our teaching, keeping us current and allowing us to help students become skilled, confident and successful graduates. At the heart of our research is a commitment to engage with contemporary debates within journalism in New Zealand and internationally, and to have an impact on this hugely important industry. Our staff are all former journalists and this practice background makes us passionate advocates for empirical research grounded in the realities of modern news production and dissemination.

Our staff are currently exploring research in the following areas:

  • Media freedom and censorship
  • Epistemology of journalism
  • Comparative journalism studies
  • Trauma journalism
  • History of journalism
  • The language of the media
  • News, civil society and politics
  • Journalism and journalism sources
  • Future journalism practice
  • Journalism education
  • Media representation, re:presentation, framing and identity
  • Social media practice

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