Centre for Performance Research

taking frame to market imageThe purpose of the Centre for Performance Research is to develop research into Performance Studies, conceived as a field of practices constituted by the interaction between media institutions, audio-visual technologies and producers of texts and images at the individual, group and corporate level.

The Centre aims to encourage multidisciplinary research in the following areas:

  • The semiotics of visual signs.
  • The impact of persona and celebrity on cultural and political processes.
  • The changing nature of theatrical and cinematic performance with the development of digital technologies.
  • The impact of the social media on the formation of self-identity.
  • The role of cinema and television in the representation of national identity
  • The study of the employment of actors and other performers in narrative film and documentary.
  • The study of forms of work within the cultural industries and their social and cultural diffusion in relation to the presentation of the self and a dramaturgical approach to social interaction.
  • The social history of theatre

Some Centre for Performance Research Outputs

Barry King, Articulating Digital stardom, Theorizing Film Acting, (edited Aaron Taylor, Advances in Film studies, Routledge 2012

Barry King, The New Zealand Film Commission as a government sponsored film producer. The Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society, 40, 157-163, 2010.

Barry King The Lord of the Rings as a cultural projection in G. Elmer and Charles Davis, (eds) Migrating Media, Rowman and Littlefield, 2010.

Barry King, Initial Report, The Social Organization of Acting in New Zealand, On Film Magazine, February, 2005.

Ross Brannigan and Barry King, Infant-Parent Interaction Video, Counties Manauka, District Health Board, DVD Project 2010 - on going.

H.Margolis, Sean Cubitt, Barry King, Thierry Jutel, Studying the Event Film: Lord of the Rings, Manchester University Press, 2008.

Contact details

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