Our Approach

Our Approach

Action Learning

Our programmes are built around the concept of Action Learning, where participants work and learn together by tackling real business issues and reflecting on their actions.

Our programmes can include:

  • Engagement with case studies and contextual theory, which are completed before class time.
  • Integrated workshops which include a range of facilitators, small group experiential and individual analytical activities and presentations by participants that model the desired operating environment, while also including a reflective element.
  • Learning teams which explore and discuss the learning experience and work together on agreed projects.

Diverse Learning Strategies

Our programmes can incorporate a wide variety of learning strategies - classroom activities, diagnostics, case studies, role plays, action learning projects, web-based interactive sessions, executive coaching, guest speakers, consulting, business forums and site visits to local public and private organisations.

Application of Knowledge and Skills

  • Executive and team coaching is offered during and/or after the learning programme to ensure the outcomes are effectively transferred into the workplace.
  • To ensure the learning is embedded back in the workplace, participants develop personal action plans to be discussed and reviewed with their managers following the training.
  • Pre- and post-programme activities support the transfer of the new skills knowledge and behaviours back into each participant’s real work situation.