Research in architecture and built environment

Construction and Project Management

Procurement and decision support systems; Supply chain management; Construction logistics; Lean construction; Defects reporting and quality management; Transaction cost measurement in construction projects; Security of payments in construction; Productivity in construction; Corporate social responsibility; Innovation in construction; New technologies and industry transformation; Off-site construction; Relational contracting; Contract management; Construction Project Strategy; Women in construction; Skills shortages, Trust, Communication and Conflict management

Architecture and Design Management

BIM; Design Cognition and Computing; Building Automation Systems
Energy Efficient Buildings; Green Building Development; Green Roofs
Environmental Design Behaviour; Sustainable Design Developments; Adaptive Environments
Smart Housing; Intelligent Buildings; Artificial Intelligence in Design & Construction
Integrated Design Studies

Construction Process Optimisation

Resource efficiency; waste minimisation; life cycle management; local, national and international policy; Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Construction Structures and Design

Design of structures in steel, timber or concrete; Design and detailing of connections; Earthquake resilient buildings; Low-damage design of secondary structural elements; Tsunami/wave resistant structures; Structural health monitoring and damage detection; Seismic assessment and strengthening of concrete structures; Smart materials and structures; Dynamic performance of structures and earthquake engineering; Dynamic testing of bridges and buildings; Large scale field testing.

Foundation design in problematic soils; Earthquake resilience foundation design; Ground improvement and soil stabilisation; Applied optimisation techniques in geotechnical design; Design and analysis of micro-tunnelling methods for urban infrastructures; Slope stability analysis and design; Design and stability analysis of deep excavation.

Infrastructure Design and Management

Roading - Safe Systems; motorcycle perceptual counter measures (PCMs); fatigue and performance in trucking; rider/road user experience

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