Money matters: your child's study costs and funding options

Cost is an important factor when thinking about university study. This page gives you an idea of the costs associated with university study, and different options to help you fund your child's education.

Cost of university study

Tuition fees depend on a student's programme and combination of papers. There are different fees for international students and for postgraduate study.

AUT fees

Fees free study

Eligible students starting tertiary study receive one year of full-time study fees free. Visit the Fees Free website to see if your child is eligible.

Fees Free website


There is a wide range of scholarships and awards available to AUT students at all stages of their study. Visit the scholarships website for a current list of scholarships offered by AUT and external funders, as well as application forms and closing dates.

Scholarships and awards

Student loans and student allowances

Full-time domestic students may qualify for a student loan or allowance. A student loan covers compulsory fees, course-related costs and living costs. A student allowance is a weekly payment to help with students' living expenses while they study. Students have to pay back a student loan but not a student allowance. Student loans and allowances are administered and paid by StudyLink.

The application process can take some time, so it’s a good idea to apply early. Students can apply for a loan or allowance before their enrolment at AUT is complete.

StudyLink website

Accommodation costs

Living on campus is a great option for students who are new to AUT or from out of town. The cost of campus accommodation will depend on the size of the room (small, standard or large) and the length of the contract (one semester or the full academic year).

AUT accommodation fees

Paying for textbooks

The price of textbooks can vary depending on the programme. The ubiq bookshop website is a good place to check out costs of books.

ubiq website

Internet cost

All AUT student accounts will be allocated 40GB free data per month. Once the free data has been used, students can pay as they go to use the internet. There is free WIFI access to the internet.

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