How to get into AUT degrees: information for parents

Your child will need to meet certain requirements to be able to get into a degree programme at AUT.

Entry into undergraduate study

The most common way to enter degree study at AUT is to gain University Entrance (UE) at secondary school. UE is the legal minimum requirement for admission into bachelor's degrees throughout New Zealand.

Students can gain UE through NCEA, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB), depending on their school curriculum.

University Entrance (UE) for bachelor's degrees

Requirements in addition to University Entrance (UE)

Some AUT programmes have requirements in addition to UE. For example, engineering degrees require Calculus, and the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) has a rank score.

If your chosen degree has additional requirements, these are listed on the web page for that degree.

If your child doesn't have UE

Students who haven't gained University Entrance can enrol in certificates at AUT to prepare for degree level study. Many of our successful degree graduates started with a certificate or diploma. Certificates that prepare students for their chosen degree are listed on the web page for the degree.

Students usually need Year 12 qualifications to enter AUT certificate study. AUT doesn’t have any general pre-degree bridging qualification.

Studying at degree level after Year 12

If your child wants to study at degree level, they will only be eligible if they have done extremely well in their Year 12 NCEA, CIE or IB. They would apply under Discretionary Entrance.

As well as high academic standards, students need their school to write a recommendation that provides proof of maturity and readiness for tertiary study.

Entry into postgraduate study

To be able to study at postgraduate level, most programmes at AUT require your child to have gained a B+ average in their undergraduate degree.

Postgraduate entry requirements

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