Japanese Government (MEXT) Postgraduate Scholarship

Closing date: 5pm, 4th June 2021Late applications not accepted
Value of Award: Flights to and from Japan,University tuition fees,143000-145000 yen monthly stipend
No. of awards: Varies
Tenure: The Post-Graduate Scholarship is generally for two years in total, comprising 6 months of Japanese language training and 18 months of study toward research, or a post-graduate degree. For those whose degrees will take more time to complete, extension is possible.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) of the Government of Japan offers scholarship to foreign students who wish to study at Japanese universities toward post-graduate research, or a Master's or Doctorate degree.

Offered to students who wish to study at Japanese universities as postgraduate students.  

Selection criteria:

  • This scholarship is available to applicants who are born on or after April 2, 1987 to study for 2 years at a Japanese University of their choice. Applicants must be a citizen of New Zealand. Students must elect to study a research topic related in field to their undergraduate degree. A 2 year scholarship is granted, including 6 months of Japanese language training. The scholar may apply for extension of the scholarship should they wish to continue study, however extension is not guaranteed.

General Information:

How do students apply?
For an application form and full guidelines please download from the Study in Japan website. Read the guidelines carefully before applying; missing or incorrect documents will affect your application score.

Decision makers
The Japanese Embassy will select preliminary candidates from among applicants by means of an interview, an academic examination and a review of the submitted documents. Those who have been selected as preliminary candidates will be recommended to MEXT, who will select the grantees from among those recommended.

How and when do students learn of the decision?
• April: Applications open • June 4: Applications close • June 21: Examinations are held • June 24: Interviews are held • Late June 2021: Primary screening decision and notification • Late January/February: Secondary screening decision and notification • Early April OR September/October 2022: Departure for Japan

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
Students must abide by the laws of Japan and the rules of their university. Scholars are expected to put effort into learning the Japanese language while on the Scholarship. Warning: In some countries there are fraudulent organisations that offer to help students apply for these Japanese Government scholarships in return for a deposit. The only ways to apply for a Japanese Government scholarships are through the Embassy of Japan in your home country, or through a participating Japanese university. You will not be asked to pay a deposit to apply for the scholarships.

Additional information
A more detailed description is provided in the Application Guidelines.

Who else has information about this award?
Embassy of Japan in New Zealand

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Contact Information
Embassy of Japan

PO Box 6340 Marion Square

Phone: (04) 472 7807

Email: jicc@wl.mofa.go.jp

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