New Horizons Second-Chance Education - Degree Study Awards

Closing date: Applications open from1 March
Value of Award: $3000 to $4000
No. of awards: Approx 15 awards.
Tenure: One year.

New Horizons for Women Trust: Hine Kahukra provides awards that benefit women and /or girls. Each year the Trust provides a number of second-chance education awards. These awards are made possible by the generous sponsorship and donations from organisations and individuals.

Second-Chance Education Degree study Awards are for women who are engaging in tertiary education for the FIRST TIME, at a Degree level (NZQA level 7), and have not previously received a NHWTHK Award at that level of study.    The awards are a one off grant to help with study and/or living expenses.

Selection criteria:

  • To apply for a Diploma and Degree Studies Award you must meet all the following eligibility criteria: The applicant is a woman, who . * Does not already have a degree * Is enrolled in a NZ approved tertiary qualification (second or subsequent years) * Is studying a degree course (NZQA level 7 or above) * Has completed at least 1 full year (2 semesters) of the qualification * Is a New Zealand citizen or holds a resident class visa and is currently living in New Zealand * Has not previously received a NHWTHK Second-Chance Education Degree Study Award at that level of study

General Information:

How do students apply?
Complete an online application form at from 1 March Application requirements: 1. A completed online application form 2. Academic record of learning or equivalent 3. Confirmation of enrolment or equivalent

Decision makers
Awards Officers work with a selection panel, and forward their recommendations to the Trust Board for ratification.

How and when do students learn of the decision?
Once the selection process is completed, all applicants will be notified of the outcome. This is expected to be by mid-June. Awards made early August.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
If you receive an award NHWTHK requires you to do the following: * Receive the award at a NHWTHK awards ceremony in early July/August * Provide a progress report to NHWTHK in the year you receive the award * Provide NHWTHK with up-to-date contact details while you are studying. * Allow NHWTHK to use your name, photograph and information about you (and if relevant, other members of your group) for publicity purposes

Additional information
There are Second-Chance Education Degree awards targeted to Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Manawatu-Whanganui, Waikato, Otago and Southland regions. We encourage applications from these regions.There are also awards available nationally. There is an award offered for a woman over the age of 40. All the awards are for women who are returning to study and are not for women who have come stright from school.

Who else has information about this award?
For more information about this and other awards available through New Horizons for Women Trust: Hine Kahukura please go to our website

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