Pacific Islands and Polynesian Education Foundation: Undergraduate Scholarship

Closing date: closed 21 Feb 20
Value of Award: Maximum of $1000
No. of awards: One and more as determined annually
Tenure: 1 year.

PIPEF Individual (Undergrad) Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarship Page

The Pacific Islands Polynesian Education Foundation (PIPEF) administer this scholarship, which is funded by The New Zealand government through the Ministry of Education. This scholarship was established in 1972.

To provide financial assistance to Pacific Island students who are enrolled at a tertiary institution in New Zealand and are for the current year of study only. (Applicants studying at Private Training Establishments are NOT eligible).

Selection criteria:

  • The awards are open to applicants of Pacific Island descent, who are NZ citizens or holders of New Zealand residence class visas.

General Information:

How do students apply?
Applications have closed but will reopen in 2021.  
PIPEF Individual (Undergrad) Scholarship Guidelines
Scholarship Page

Decision makers
The scholarship will be awarded by the Board of the Pacific Islands Polynesian EducationFoundation (PIPEF). A board of trustees, appointed by the Governor General, is responsible for managing the scholarships.

How and when do students learn of the decision?
The full Board of PIPEF meets annually, usually in April or May, to award the PIPEF scholarships.The value of the scholarship will be paid by direct credit to a recipient's nominated New Zealand bank account.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
The scholarship must be taken up in the year of application. A condition of acceptance is that recipients permit publication and announcement of their acceptance of the award, and that they are willing to engage in PIPEF Board activities, such as publicity as appropriate. If in any year there are no candidates of sufficient merit, no awards will be made.Unless otherwise specified in the offer letter, an offer of a scholarship will lapse if it is not accepted, in writing, within one calendar month of the offer being made. The scholarship is co-tenable with any other award, unless the conditions of the other award preclude this.

Additional information
In making its recommendation, the PIPEF Board will consider factors including, but not limited to: a. academic merit; b. need (financial or otherwise) c. involvement in the Pacific community In the event of a recipient’s withdrawal from a programme for which the scholarship was awarded, the scholarship will be withdrawn, and any paid funds may be recovered.

Who else has information about this award?
If you have any further questions contact Ko 'etau ngaue fakatahataha te tau ikuna ai, "working together we will succeed”.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Pacific Islands and Polynesian Education Foundation

PO Box 1666 DX Number: SR51201

Phone: (4) 463 8000
Fax: (4) 463 8001


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