AUT Fulbright Scholarships

Closing date: November each year
Value of Award: See "Additional Information"
No. of awards: One
Tenure: Doctoral scholarships are tenable until submission of the thesis or for two years (whichever is the lesser) and tenure will commence from the first anniversary of date of enrolment in the PhD programme at AUT.  Commencement of tenure and annual renewal is dependent on satisfactory progress as demonstrated by meeting the milestones outlined in the AUT Postgraduate Handbook. Master’s scholarships are tenable for the period from first enrolment in the thesis paper until completion of the requirements for the degree or twelve months (whichever is the lesser).  


Application Form

These scholarships are provided by Auckland University of Technology to encourage and facilitate study in approved postgraduate degrees at AUT by candidates already selected to hold Fulbright Awards.

As a Fulbright Award fully supports a candidate for the first year, these scholarships are intended to enable Fulbright Award winners to complete their degree at AUT.

Selection criteria:

  • 1.  Applicants must be Citizens of the United States of America who are intending to take up a Fulbright Award and enrol full-time at AUT and have paid the fees, or have arranged to pay the fees, for an approved Research Master’s or Doctoral degree at the time of application. 2.  Applicants must meet the normal admission criteria for the approved Master’s or Doctoral programme and have received an Offer of Place (OOP) for study at AUT commencing within six months of date of application for the scholarship. 3.   Recipients of this scholarship will have an excellent academic record, strong academic references and have demonstrated the potential for high quality research.  4.  Scholarships are awarded on academic merit and recipients of this scholarship will normally have achieved a minimum GPA of 8.0 (A) across 120 points in the final year of their qualifying degree for the Master’s scholarship or across 240 points in their most recent qualifying programme for the Doctoral scholarship. Grades for the qualifying degree must be available at the time of application. 5.  Applicants previous study (for the Doctoral scholarship) should include research methodology paper(s) and an independent research project, including the writing of a report on that research.  6.  The applicant’s proposed field of study must be one where the University can offer supervision. Applicants should contact potential supervisors prior to application to confirm the availability of supervision for their proposed research.

General Information:

How do students apply?
Applicants must complete the AUT Fulbright Scholarships Application online available through the AUT Scholarships Database by the closing date.  Applications will open in August each year.  In order for the application to be submitted applicants must complete all sections, upload all supporting documents and request the required support statements. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the selection panel.  The following will need to be uploaded and submitted with the on-line Application Form: •       Academic transcript(s) for any previous tertiary study that was completed at a university other than AUT •       A brief C.V. (maximum three pages) •       A maximum one-page (Masters) or two-page (Doctoral) proposal outlining the intended research using the template provided with the online application form. The applicant will be asked to provide the following details:               -          Proposed Topic/Title -          Rationale and significance of the study  -          Key Question/hypothesis/problem/issue to be Investigated: -          Design of the study; the methodology and research technique(s) to be employed in the study -          Research benefits -          References  Note:  for the Master’s application the proposal must be a one-page outline (500 words) of the proposed research or a copy of the completed PGR1; for the Doctoral application the proposal must be maximum two pages only (1,000 words) plus a maximum of one page for any references or the completed PGR2.  If a longer document is provided you will be asked to revise the document to meet the requirements. Faculty support:  All Doctoral applicants must contact their faculty in advance of application and seek support for their doctoral research.  The Head of School (HoS) for the proposed research will be requested, within the application portal, to provide a statement of support indicating that the School is able to provide the appropriate resources for the proposed research necessary to the successful completion of the research.  The Head of School will also provide the names of the proposed supervisory team.   Reference statements:   Two academic reference statements are required. Applicants must not submit referee’s reports directly; nominated referees will be sent a request directly from the on-line application system. Please advise your referees that they will be receiving an email requesting a reference statement. Applicants can submit the application without referees’ statements. However, the application will be considered ineligible and will not be released to the selection panel without the required reference statements.
Application Form

Decision makers
·         Selection will be made by the University Scholarship Committee.

How and when do students learn of the decision?
No later than two months after the closing date.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
See Regulations document available from the link above.

Additional information
One scholarship is available annually, either: 1.    AUT Fulbright Doctoral Scholarship Full fees (domestic equivalent rate) plus stipend of NZ$25,000 per annum for the second and third years of enrolment in a Doctoral programme at AUT. 2.    AUT Fulbright Research Masters Scholarship Full fees (domestic equivalent rate) for the 90 or 120pt thesis component of the degree; plus A stipend of NZ$15,000 (120pt thesis) or NZ$11,250 (90pt thesis) per annum paid during the research component only. The stipend will be paid on approval of the PGR1 and enrolment into the thesis paper.  

Who else has information about this award?

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Auckland University of Technology

Phone: +64 9 921 9837


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