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Closing date: 15/06/2021
June and November each year
Value of Award:
No. of awards: Varies depending on funding

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) provides postgraduate scholarships to encourage postgraduate study and research and to recognise student academic achievement. 

The office of Māori Advancement offers AUT Postgraduate Scholarships - Māori Advancement to Māori students for postgraduate study at AUT. The office works closely with AUT Māori staff, students and the wider community in advising and implementing Mātauranga Māori kaupapa throughout AUT. AUT Postgraduate Scholarship (coursework) is available to full-time students undertaking study at Level 8 or above (New Zealand Qualifications Framework) who have demonstrated the potential to achieve highly. The Scholarships are available to AUT students or alumni, and alumni of other New Zealand Universities, intending to enrol in one of the following programmes:  - A Postgraduate Diploma  - A one year AUT Honours programme. Fourth year Law, Engineering and Science students are not eligible to apply. - A coursework master’s programme.  The scholarship will cover a fees contribution for a total of 120pts including coursework and a research project or dissertation of up to 60pts. - The coursework year of a Professional Doctorate (120pts of coursework may be spread over two years).

Selection criteria:

  •       Applicants must be either studying their pre-qualifying degree at AUT at the time of application or have completed their qualifying degree in a relevant field at AUT or another New Zealand University no more than two years prior at the time of application.   ·        Applicants must be registered in ARION as having Māori first ethnicity and achieve a minimum GPA of 6.5 (B+/A-) across 120pts in the final year of their qualifying degree.          ·        When an applicant has undertaken an approved international exchange programme during the final year of their qualifying degree the GPA will be assessed across the AUT papers only. Evidence of grades for papers undertaken as part of the exchange will be required once available. ·        Recipients of this scholarship are not eligible to reapply to support the same programme of study in subsequent years. ·        An applicant wishing to be considered as under financial hardship will be required to provide evidence i.e. IRD statement of income plus supply a reference from someone other than a family member supporting the financial need. ·        Applicants must intend to enrol full-time (no less than 120pts per annum) in the twelve months following application. The successful candidates will be selected by a panel of representatives from the Office of Māori Advancement

General Information:

How do students apply?
Applicants must complete the AUT Postgraduate Scholarship Application online available through the AUT Scholarships Database six weeks prior to the closing date. Applications will open in October of the year preceding study for Semester 1 study or May for study in Semester 2.  The following documentation must be received on or before the closing date.    ·        A one-page personal statement outlining the applicant’s academic goals and career aspirations stating why they believe they merit the scholarship. If the applicant is applying under the category Māori or Pacific they must outline their cultural involvement. ·        The personal statement should also attach an outline of recent leadership positions or responsibilities held within the University or community. ·        If an applicant wishes to be considered under the Financial Hardship category they must address this in their personal statement and upload evidence of their financial position i.e. an IRD statement of income and provide the details of a referee, other than a family member or friend, who can support the applicant’s financial need. ·        A copy of the applicant’s transcript will be added to the application by the Scholarships Office once grades have been finalized.
Application Form

Decision makers

How and when do students learn of the decision?
Recipients will be selected by the Office of Maori Advancement.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
   The award of this scholarship is conditional on the student enrolling in 120pts in an approved programme within a twelve month period. Approved study may be in Semester 1, Semester 2 and the Summer Semester (if available).  Recipients undertaking a Professional Doctorate may spread the 120pts of coursework over two years. ·        Scholars will normally enrol in no less than 120pts during the tenure of the scholarship. Permission to study less than 120pts will be given only in exceptional circumstances. In such cases the total value of the scholarship will cover the points taken within the scholarship tenure period.   ·        Funding for less than 120pts will only be considered in exceptional cases only i.e. health, carer responsibilities. Evidence of the inability to commit to the programme full-time will be required. The scholarship will not fund papers taken in subsequent years.   ·        The award will be paid as a contribution to fees only unless a stipend is also awarded. ·        Scholars who are awarded a scholarship under financial hardship will be required to meet with a Student Hub Advisor for budget advice. ·        The recipient may hold other scholarships with the approval of the Scholarships Office. ·        The scholarship cannot be deferred. ·        Recipients must be enrolled continuously in their programme of study. Suspensions or Leave of Absence for students who have already commenced their degree will not normally be approved unless there are compelling medical or personal circumstances beyond the student’s control.  ·        Deferral and suspension requests must be made in writing to the Scholarships Office ·        Scholars who pass all papers and achieve a minimum GPA of 6.5 (B+/A-) over the period of award will be eligible to apply for an AUT Masters (by Research) scholarship to support their thesis paper.    ·        Recipients who take up this Scholarship but do not complete the qualification may be required to pay back full or part value of the scholarship received.  

Additional information
·        The scholarship consists of tuition fees and student services levies of up to a maximum of $9,250 for 120pts at Level 8 or above in the approved programme of study completed within a twelve-month period. ·        Stipend scholarships may be awarded to top applicants. In cases where full fees plus a stipend is awarded the stipend will be valued at $5,000 during the twelve-month period.  

Who else has information about this award?

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Auckland University of Technology

Phone: +64 9 921 9837


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