Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust - Dame Dorothy Winstone Doctoral Completion Awards

Closing date: 04/04/2022
4 April 2022, 11 July 2022, 14 November 2022
Value of Award: of $16,000
No. of awards: One Dame Dorothy Winstone Doctoral Completion Award
Tenure: will be available three times a year.  

University of Auckland

Application Form and Regulations

AUT Online Applications

To assist a woman graduate currently enrolled full-time at a tertiary Institute who will have completed a minimum of three years’ full-time or six years’ part-time study towards a PhD or named Doctorate. This award will enable the successful applicant to have at least 4 months free of employment and to remain or to become a full-time student in order to make substantial progress towards completion of a PhD or named Doctorate qualification.

Selection criteria:

  • Applicants for this award must: a)      be women; b)      be New Zealand citizens or Permanent Residents; c)       provide evidence of PhD enrolment at an Auckland research Institute and have access to the infrastructural support needed for her research degree. d)      To comply with the full-time study requirements the amount of additional and paid work that an Awardee may undertake either inside or outside the University shall not exceed the pro-rata equivalent of 10 hours per week.

General Information:

How do students apply?
If you are enrolled or intending to enrol at the University of Auckland you MUST apply using the online application form. Applications not made online will not have a successful award recorded on your University of Auckland transcript. Applicants enrolled at other institutes in the Auckland area should apply using the form below.
University of Auckland
Application Form and Regulations
AUT Online Applications

Decision makers
In making this award, the selection committee shall take account of the applicant’s academic achievements, research qualifications and research plans, and shall determine the conditions of tenure in the light thereof. 

How and when do students learn of the decision?
 A payment of $16,000 shall be made at the commencement of the semester in which the full time study will be undertaken.  

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
On completion of her degree, the holder of an award must present a short report, endorsed by her supervisor, to the Awards Coordinator of The Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust.              Any publications arising from the research should acknowledge the award received from The Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust. The award may not be held concurrently with an award of equal or higher value.

Additional information
Each applicant of these awards must submit her application on the current prescribed application form and must include: a)      an outline of the research being undertaken; b)      a verification statement from the Head of Department/Dean (as appropriate) as proof of enrolment; c)       a certified copy or statutory declaration of her academic record. (This can be in the form of a certified digital document from the tertiary institution); d)      a certified copy of evidence of status as a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident; e)      confirmation that confidential references have been sought from 2 academic referees, one of whom must be the applicant’s Doctoral supervisor. Please send your completed application by: Email attachment plus scanned copies of 4 b), c) and d) above to: awards@kateedgertrust.org.nz;   Or by post to: Dame Dorothy Winstone Doctoral Completion Awards The Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust Private Bag 93208 Parnell Auckland 1151 ; Or hand deliver to: Academic Dress Hire, 17 George Street, Parnell.

Who else has information about this award?
Enquiries to: Katrina Ford awards@kateedgertrust.org.nz  

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Katrina Ford
Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust

Private Bag 93 208 Parnell

Phone: 09-358-1044

Email: awards@kateedgertrust.org.nz

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