AUT Academic Excellence and AUT Significant Student Scholarships

Application Form
Closing date: 01/09/2021
September 1 each year
Value of Award: $6,500See additional information
No. of awards: Determined annually
Tenure: The scholarship is awarded initially for  one year. Scholars who pass all papers and achieve the required level will be eligible at the completion of their first year to apply for the AUT Undergraduate Scholarship (Fees) available for subsequent years of study in an AUT Bachelor’s degree under the above categories.  

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) provides undergraduate scholarships to recognise student academic achievement and contribution to school and community. As well as recognising academic achievement these scholarships also recognise potential leadership ability and contribution to the school, community or cultural pursuits or sport at a representative level.

 AUT School Leaver Scholarships are available under the categories below, applicants are encouraged to apply for all categories for which they are eligible. Academic Excellence: High academic achievement. Significant Student: Contribution at a high level to the school or community. Applicants under this category must hold leadership positions and/or be active in cultural pursuits or sport at a representative level. AUT  School Leaver Scholarships are also available under the following two categories through the same application process: AUT Kiwa Scholarships: Māori and Pacific students demonstrating all-round ability and leadership potential. Applicants applying under this category must declare that they are of Māori or Pacific descent and also declare this ethnicity when applying for admission to AUT. AUT New Horizons Scholarships: Students from a Decile 1 - 4 Auckland Region School.  See list of eligible schools attached - Appendix 1 (pages 4 -5). Please carefully check the eligibility criteria in the Regulations document.

Selection criteria:

  • • Applicants must be NZ Citizens or permanent residents. • Applicants must be currently studying a New Zealand secondary school qualification. • Applicants must be enrolling for the first time, in a full-time programme of study and will be asked to provide their AUT Student ID in the box provided on the application form. This can be obtained by enrolling at AUT online • All applicants will be expected to have demonstrated the potential for leadership. • Applicants who are applying under the Academic Excellence category will have as a minimum one of the following: - NCEA 300 rank score - CIE a minimum of 240 points on the UCAS Tariff - IB Principal’s predicted score 34   Applicants applying under the Significant Student (also Kiwa and New Horizons) will have as a minimum one of the following: - NCEA 250 rank score - CIE a minimum of 200 points on the UCAS Tariff - IB Principal’s predicted score 28 Information to assist calculating the rank score is available from the on-line Scholarships Application Form and from

General Information:

How do students apply?
APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS A link to the application form and full Regulations will be available in July of the year prior to commencement from the AUT Scholarships database . Application is through the AUT online scholarship portal.  Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and complete the AUT School Leaver Scholarship Application online via the link available through the AUT Scholarships Database.  Applicants will be required to upload: • A one-page personal statement explaining the reasons for wishing to attend AUT, the academic goals they hope to achieve and any career aspirations they have. Applicants should also state why they believe they merit the scholarship. The personal statement should also include an outline of the leadership positions the applicant has held within their school or community. • A current certified copy of their NCEA, CIE or IB record of achievement. IB students must obtain a predicted IB grade from their Principal or Principal’s nominee. REFERENCES: Applicants must nominate two character references in support of their application. Nominated referees will be sent an email from the application portal. • One referee should be from the school, cultural group, religious group, sports club, work place or a community organisation that the applicant is involved with. • The second must be from their Principal or Principal’s nominee. If the applicant is studying IB this should include the Principal’s predicted IB score. All documentation must be received by the closing date inclusive of reference statements or the application will not be able to be submitted and will be considered ineligible. Applicants are also encouraged to apply for the AUT Kiwa and/or AUT New Horizons Scholarships if they meet the eligibility criteria.
Application Form

Decision makers
• Selection will be based on academic ability at Level 2 or higher in the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) or an equivalent qualification, as well as cultural or sporting participation, leadership potential, and likelihood to succeed in the chosen programme of study. • The applicant’s level of preparedness for university study will be assessed by considering their performance to date in subjects relevant to their intended degree programme. • Applicants may be considered for an alternative scholarship if they are not awarded this scholarship. However, it is advised that applicants apply for any other AUT scholarship where they meet the eligibility criteria.

How and when do students learn of the decision?
As soon as possible after the closing date.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
• The award of this scholarship is conditional on the student gaining entry to an AUT undergraduate degree programme. • Scholars will enrol in no less than 120pts during the tenure of the scholarship. Permission to study less than 120pts will only be given in exceptional circumstances. In such cases the total value of the scholarship will be no greater than three times the annual value. •The scholar may hold non fee based scholarships with the approval of the Scholarships Office. • A condition of the Scholarship is that the student agrees to complete two progress reports each Semester of their first year of study. This is an integral part of the first year and may be extended to subsequent years. If an AUT Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded for subsequent study. • Except in cases where there are compelling medical reasons or adverse personal circumstances beyond a student’s control, the uptake of scholarships cannot be deferred. • Recipients must be enrolled continuously in their programme of study. Suspensions or Leave of Absence for students who have already commenced their degree will not usually be approved unless there are compelling medical or personal circumstances beyond the student’s control. • Deferral and suspension requests must be made in writing to the Scholarships Office • Renewal of the scholarship is conditional upon the student passing all papers and maintaining a minimum B grade average. • Should a scholar who fails a paper successfully appeal to have the scholarship reinstated the scholarship will not pay for a resit of this paper. • The Head of the Scholarships Office has the authority to terminate or suspend a scholarship on behalf of the Scholarships Committee if the office receives an unsatisfactory report on the academic progress of a recipient. • Recipients who take up this Scholarship but do not complete at least two semesters of study at AUT may be required to pay back the full value of the scholarship received.

Additional information
An amount of $6,500 to support full-time study (no less than 120pts)  in a degree programme at AUT. In the first year this will either be paid as: Option 1: A contribution towards accommodation in an approved Hall of Residence to be paid directly to the relevant Halls of Residence; or   Option 2: Payment into the student’s personal bank account in four equal instalments throughout the year commencing in mid-March. Scholars who pass all papers and achieve the required level will be eligible at the completion of their first year to apply for the AUT Undergraduate Scholarship (Fees) available for subsequent years of study in an AUT Bachelor’s degree under the above categories.   Applicants for this scholarship may also be considered for alternative scholarships funded by AUT.

Who else has information about this award?

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

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