Scholarships and Awards

Te Ara Kotiri (The Path of Shooting Stars) Scholarship
BestStart is Aotearoa’s largest early childhood education and care provider, with over 260 centres located nationwide. It is owned by a charitable trust where children are at the heart of everything we do. Having a passion for children and an understanding of their families and wider communities underlie every aspect of our organisation.
We want to support the next generation of teachers in their learning journey. We see this as an important social responsibility and BestStart is committing to playing its part.

Te Ara Poutama Scholarships (BMD Māori Media or BA Māori Development)
To reward academic excellence and to encourage and support students to undertake full-time study in the areas of Maori Development and Maori Media, Te Ara Poutama, the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Development is offering undergraduate scholarships (BA Māori Development major and BMD Māori Media).

Teupoko'ina Utanga Morgan Memorial Award
The purpose of the Teupoko'ina Utanga Morgan Memorial Award is to advance Pacific early childhood education services. Early childhood education refers to both informal and formal pre-school teaching of young children by people outside the family or in settings outside the home.

The Auckland Medical Aid Trust Scholarship
This scholarship provides funds for individuals to undertake research towards a doctoral degree at a New Zealand university.
In New Zealand there are debates around a number of issues that impact on the field of human reproduction — social, medical and technological. This scholarship is designed to further that debate by promoting discussion of the cultural, ethical, legal, and spiritual topics surrounding it.

The AUT Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Doctoral Scholarship
Awarded annually to a doctoral student who is a citizen and resident of one of the following Pacific countries; Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga and Vanuatu to carry out doctoral study at AUT University. By awarding The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee AUT Doctoral Scholarship AUT aims to:
Develop an internationally-aware, skilled future leader
Establish enduring education and professional linkages.

The Capstone Editing Carer’s Travel Grant for Academic Women
Why we want to help
A major requirement of academics is that they undertake research-related travel. Academics are expected to attend and present their work at interstate and international conferences regularly, and certain disciplines involve extensive fieldwork, sometimes in remote locations. This travel costs both time and money, with academics at times even choosing to fund their own travel due to the intense pressure for career advancement through research and publication. For academics with young children, time spent away from home is often difficult and expensive to organise.
This has a greater effect on female academics: as women across Australia already know, in general, mothers carry the burden of either caring directly for children, or for organising their care by others.

The Capstone Editing Conference Travel Grant for Postgraduate Research Students
The purpose of attending the conference should be to assist with the student’s research or professional development. The student does not necessarily have to be presenting a paper or poster at the conference to be eligible to apply for the grant, though it is preferred.

The Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women
How we can help
For early career women academics, there are often costs associated with working longer hours to meet both their varied responsibilities and their research goals. While working outside of normal hours is not a practice that we encourage, it is one that is widely acknowledged (and sometimes even expected) to occur in academia. Often a woman’s additional childcare responsibilities, for example, are a barrier to her performing this additional work, putting her at a disadvantage in comparison to colleagues without those same responsibilities. In offering this grant, Capstone Editing acknowledges the greater difficulties faced by female academics in developing and continuing their careers and seeks to ameliorate this situation with practical, financial support.

The Capstone Editing Laptop Grant for Postgraduate Coursework Students
The grant comes in the form of a A$3,000 gift voucher for Harvey Norman. The recipient can purchase any computer or laptop they choose and use any remaining funds to purchase software and computer accessories.

The Capstone Editing Research Scholarship for Honours Students
The Capstone Editing Research Scholarship for Honours Students provides up to A$3,000 (tax free) to one student per year to assist with covering the costs associated with the research for their thesis.
The A$3,000 scholarship can be used to cover any research-related costs. This might be travelling to a conference or on a field trip, purchasing books or a computer, or even to put towards HELP fees. As part of the application, an outline of how the funds are to be used and evidence of the costs involved (such as a quotation or invoice) must be provided. The student’s supervisor will also need to provide a letter confirming their support for the funds to be used in the proposed way, should their student be awarded the scholarship.

The Capstone Editing Textbook Grant for Undergraduates
As textbook prices continue to rise, many students are having to choose between buying textbooks and covering their daily living expenses. With the average cost of a textbook at Australian universities exceeding $100, and many courses requiring multiple textbooks, our Textbook Grant can seriously reduce the financial burden associated with the start of semester.

The Jumpstart Scholarship
TPT, Lifewise and Auckland University of Technology (AUT) will partner to support a student, in the age range of 17-24-year-old who has experienced homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or have a serious housing need to receive a university education.

The Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust Bachelor with Honours Awards
The main purpose of the Award is to assist women to complete the final year of an undergraduate Bachelor with Honours Degree or postgraduate Bachelors with Honours Degree at an approved Institute in the Auckland area. 

The Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust Doctoral Completion Award
The main purpose of the Award is to assist a woman graduate who has completed a minimum of four years of part-time study towards a PhD or named Doctorate, to have at least four months free of employment and become a full-time student, in order to make substantial progress towards completion of a PhD or named Doctorate qualification. 

The Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust Postgraduate Diploma Awards
To assist women graduates to undertake a Postgraduate Diploma at an approved Institute in the Auckland area.

The Leishman Media Racing Awareness Award
The award provides the awardee with a practical exposure to the NZ racing and breeding industries which will assist them to present our industry in an informative manner during their future media career.


The Michael Barnett Scholarship
The Auckland Chamber of Commerce has established a scholarship to mark Michael Barnett’s 25 years of leadership of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

The Smith and Partners Law Scholarships
The Smith and Partners Law Scholarships will be awarded annually to students from West Auckland secondary schools to assist them to pay their first year of fees towards a New Zealand university law degree.

Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence (Universities)
The Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence (Universities) are granted in order that a project or programme (whether in research or otherwise) is carried out in an approved university, normally in New Zealand, in a field of study which is likely to be of direct benefit to New Zealand and its people. The project or programme may lead to a degree or other qualification, but this is not a pre-requisite for an award. The emphasis will be on projects which have a practical application.

The Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence (Universities) are available in three categories:
* Science and Technology (includes Agriculture and Conservation)
* Engineering and Manufacturing (includes Architecture and Design)
* Business and Commerce.

There is no limit on the numbers of applications considered for any of the categories above, and if the Selection Committee deems that no suitable candidate has been identified for a particular category then the number of awards made in other categories may be increased.

Todd Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship in Energy Research
The purpose of the Todd Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship in Energy Research is to support students undertaking doctoral research in the field of energy, research which may have wide relevance and add value to New Zealand.

Toloa Scholarships for Pacific STEM Scholars
The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage Pacific students pursue studies in STEM subjects at tertiary level and increase the numbers employed in STEM careers.