Scholarships and Awards

School of Communication Studies Social Impact Postgraduate Scholarship
The purpose of this scholarship is to offer a student interested in postgraduate research at the Master level the opportunity of focusing on a subject and research project in communication and/or media that is designed to produce research with a distinct potential to contribute to New Zealand’s economy, society, and/or culture, either as a whole or for any of our communities. Research proposals that aim at industry-relevant studies, professional practices, improvements to policy-making or community-relevant policies, fostering social cohesion, progressing social, economic or health outcomes for under-served communities, and building capacity for advancing New Zealand as a wellbeing nation, are especially invited to apply.

Science Media SAVVY Scholarship
Active researchers with prior media experience or those likely to encounter media in future will benefit most from the workshop and are encouraged to apply.

Shirtcliffe Fellowship
The Shirtcliffe Fellowship assists New Zealand university graduates to pursue doctoral study at a university in New Zealand or other Commonwealth country.

Sign Language Interpreting Scholarship
The Sign Language Interpreting Scholarship is in place to support students who want to train as sign language interpreters and who intend to work with children in the education sector.

Sir Hugh Kawharu Masters Scholarship for Innovation in Science
The purpose of the Scholarship is to support and encourage masters level study by Māori in the sciences. The Scholarship is applicable across a broad range of science disciplines including the physical, mathematical and computational, earth, environment, marine, social, health, biological, biomedical, human, and behavioural sciences.

Sir Robert Jones Refugee Daughters Scholarships
Tuition fees will be paid in full through to degree attainment, subject to satisfactory progress being made each year towards completion of the degree. University hostel accommodation will be paid for two years of study if the student is required to attend a tertiary institution outside their home town.

Sir Roy Mckenzie AUT Deaf Scholarship
To encourage and enable persons who are deaf and use NZ Sign Language to achieve a tertiary qualification by studying at Auckland University of Technology.  

Sonja Davies Peace Award - New Horizons for Women Trust
The Sonja Davies Peace Award promotes initiatives that advance peace in New Zealand. The award is available to a woman or group led by a woman who are developing an initiative that will help them create a more peaceful world at home, school, the workplace, or in the community.

Spark Scholarship
The Spark Scholarship aims to foster a more diverse digital talent pool, and equip highly talented New Zealand women with the skills they need to succeed in a digital future through sponsorship of study in a technology-related discipline at a New Zealand university.

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