Scholarships and Awards

Pacific Island Families Postgraduate Scholarship
This scholarship is designed to support Pacific Master’s students to carry out their thesis within the PIF team.

Pacific Islands and Polynesian Education Foundation: Norman Kirk Memorial Trust Scholarships
These scholarships support adult Pacific Island students enrolled at New Zealand tertiary institutions. The scholarship provides assistance with course related costs.

Pacific Islands and Polynesian Education Foundation: Undergraduate Scholarship
To provide financial assistance to Pacific Island students who are enrolled at a tertiary institution in New Zealand and are for the current year of study only. (Applicants studying at Private Training Establishments are NOT eligible).

Papakura Local Board Youth Scholarship
The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to those aged 14-24 undertaking tertiary study or leadership development courses in 2016.

Peace and Disarmament Education Trust (PADET)
The purpose of PADET is to advance education and promote international peace, arms control and disarmament. PADET funds not-for-profit projects and scholarship topics that support these objectives.

Peter Brown Memorial Friendship Award
The Peter Brown Memorial Friendship Award aims to promote friendship between the United States and New Zealand.

Peter Harwood Scholarship in Community Leadership and Excellence
To encourage and support students to pursue tertiary education in the area of M&#257;ori Development, <a target="_blank" href="">Te Ara Poutama</a> at AUT University.

PhD Research Scholarship (Sylff)
The purpose of the Programme is to provide opportunity to study at any New Zealand university for graduate students who demonstrate leadership qualities or display high potential for future leadership in either public or private life.

PhD Scholarship – Culturing anaerobic hindgut bacteria from the seaweed eating fish
The purpose of this scholarship is to support the research of one PhD candidate to investigate factors contributing to the conditions necessary to culture anaerobic bacteria from the hindgut of seaweed eating fish. This student will be fully funded as part of an Endeavour Fund grant from the Ministry of Business, Employment and Innovation (MBIE).</para><para> &#160;</para><para> The successful candidate will have skills in both analytical chemistry and microbiology. It would be particularly helpful if the candidate had actual microbial culturing experience and even more advantageous if they had cultured anaerobes.

Precision Driven Health Postgraduate scholarships
The scholarship provides funds for individuals to undertake full-time research towards a masterate or doctorate degree at a participating institution, including (at the time of publication):</para><para> &#8226; Auckland University of Technology</para><para> &#8226; University of Auckland</para><para> &#8226; University of Canterbury</para><para> &#8226; University of Otago</para><para> &#8226; University of Waikato</para><para> &#8226; Victoria University of Wellington</para><para> Scholarships will be awarded for projects which target the PDH research themes, which are:</para><para> &#8226; New data sources</para><para> &#8226; Predictive modelling</para><para> &#8226; Precise and timely healthcare</para><para> &#8226; Empowering patients</para><para> Supervisors may apply for these scholarships for a specific project without a student in place, with later sele

Prime Minister's Pacific Youth Awards - Arts &amp; Creativity Award
This award recognises a young person who has demonstrated a significant level of achievement in the arts or has used the arts to effect change in their community.

Prime Minister's Pacific Youth Awards - Leadership &amp; Inspiration Award
This award recognises a young person who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities by leading a project in their community, church or school or has acted in a way that has inspired others to make a positive change in their own life or the lives of others.

Prince of Wales' Cambridge International Scholarship
To support students wishing to do a PhD at Cambridge.