Scholarships and Awards

Pacific Education Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship
PEF will award scholarships for postgraduate study in any field, recipients will receive a grant of $10,000. Applications from mature students are welcome.

Pacific Education Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship
The Foundation’s board members reflect the modern Pacific Island community and its various cultures.

Pacific Health Scholarships
“The scholarships are open to Pacific students committed to improving Pacific health across a range of disciplines. It is not just medicine and nursing. I want to see more Pacific students qualifying in related health specialties such as physical science, nutrition, dental hygiene, physiotherapy, midwifery or psychology for example,” Mr Lotu-Iiga says.

Pacific Islands and Polynesian Education Foundation: Undergraduate Scholarship
To provide financial assistance to Pacific Island students who are enrolled at a tertiary institution in New Zealand and are for the current year of study only. (Applicants studying at Private Training Establishments are NOT eligible).

Pacific Scholarships - New Zealand
With a vision of increasing the number of accountants of Pacific heritage, Chartered Accountants ANZ is proud to offer two scholarships to tertiary students. These scholarships of NZ $5,000 each will assist students to progress their studies in accounting by providing financial support towards their tuition fees and course related costs.

Pacific Scholarships - Pacific Islands
Scholarships for tertiary students of Pacific heritage studying towards an undergraduate degree in accounting, living in either New Zealand or the Pacific Islands.

Peace and Disarmament Education Trust (PADET)
The purpose of PADET is to advance education and promote international peace, arms control and disarmament. PADET funds not-for-profit projects and scholarship topics that support these objectives.

Peter Brown Memorial Friendship Award
The Peter Brown Memorial Friendship Award aims to promote friendship between the United States and New Zealand.

Peter Harwood Scholarship in Community Leadership and Excellence
To encourage and support students to pursue tertiary education in the area of Māori Development, Te Ara Poutama at AUT University.

PhD and Research Masters Scholarships - Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Expressions of interest are sought from anyone considering postgraduate study (Masters or PhD) in the areas listed in the Project Information available on the link below.

PhD Scholarship – Effects of organic enrichment on animal mediated sediment–seawater solute exchange
A fundamental assumption used to argue for the expansion of fish farms into offshore waters is that operating in deeper and more dynamic waters will increase the horizontal dispersion of organic farm wastes and so reduce the impacts on seafloor ecosystem functions. The social license for such expansion, however, will rely on our ability to quantify this advantage. It is anticipated that farm waste released in deep offshore waters will create a larger, more persistent but less intense footprint in the ecosystem than in shallow coastal waters. Depending on the properties of the receiving seafloor ecosystem, the deposition of fish waste may alter the structure and function of the benthic faunal communities, in particular, their influence on the sediment–seawater solute exchange—a process that couples benthic with pelagic ecosystem functions.   The PhD student will conduct a series of laboratory experiments to study the influence of the benthic invertebrate community on the sediment–seawater exchange of dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus as a function of organic enrichment. You will have a university degree (Master/Diploma) in Marine Ecology, Biological Oceanography, Aquatic Microbiology or related fields. We welcome experience in the taxonomic identification of benthic invertebrates and knowledge in sediment biogeochemistry. The ideal candidate features excellent communication skills, proficiency in scientific writing, and a high degree of independence. The successful candidate will join an international project team, led by Associate Professor Kay C. Vopel, including researchers from CSIRO, University of Tasmania, and Griffith University

Prime Minister's Pacific Youth Awards - Arts & Creativity Award
This award recognises a young person who has demonstrated a significant level of achievement in the arts or has used the arts to effect change in their community.

Prime Minister's Pacific Youth Awards - Leadership & Inspiration Award
This award recognises a young person who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities by leading a project in their community, church or school or has acted in a way that has inspired others to make a positive change in their own life or the lives of others.

Prince of Wales' Cambridge International Scholarship
To support students wishing to do a PhD at Cambridge.

Puke Ariki Trust Scholarship
These scholarships support postgraduate students carrying out research in the natural sciences with focus on the Taranaki region.

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