Scholarships and Awards

HealthPost’s Natural Health Scholarship
<span style="font-style:normal; font-weight:normal">The HealthPost Natural Health Scholarship will be awarded to someone who truly believes in and is passionate about natural health, and who shares our principles and values around empathy, integrity and accessibility, and environmental, cultural and ethical sustainability. The lucky recipient will receive a $500 scholarship plus a day with a HealthPost Naturopath. This is a unique opportunity to further your knowledge and gain valuable insights into real world natural health applications. Who wouldn&#39;t want that on their resume!</span>

Heartland Bank Freemasons Scholarships
These scholarships are to assist children or grandchildren of Freemasons, who are able students, and active in their communities.</para><para> &#160;

Henry Kelsey Scholarship
The purpose of the scholarship is to provide funds for individuals to undertake research towards a PhD at a New Zealand university or research institution, studying muscular function, including the causes and treatment of muscular dysfunction.

Hope-Selwyn Foundation Scholarship in Ageing
This Scholarship for research into postgraduate aging will be offered&#160;for study&#160;at AUT in the year following application&#160;and will be funded by the HOPE and Selwyn Foundations.