Scholarships and Awards

Habit Health's Māori and Pasifika Scholarships
Habit Health's Māori and Pasifika Scholarships intend to assist tertiary students to complete undergraduate study in physiotherapy and occupational therapy or postgraduate study in psychology and occupational health nursing.

Hauraki Greenland Scholarship
The scholarship comprises summer internships over two consecutive years. The first summer internship will be with the Research and Evaluation team within The Ministry of Justice | Te Tāhū o te Ture. This will take place in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, starting late November 2020. The second internship will take place the following summer either with a community organization or another government agency. The location will be decided with the successful applicant, based on their goals and interests. The internships will take place from the end of November to mid-February each summer, so you will need to be available during that period. Specific dates will be announced closer to the time and in line with the tertiary semesters.

HealthPost’s Natural Health Scholarship
The HealthPost Natural Health Scholarship will be awarded to someone who truly believes in and is passionate about natural health, and who shares our principles and values around empathy, integrity and accessibility, and environmental, cultural and ethical sustainability. The lucky recipient will receive a $500 scholarship plus a day with a HealthPost Naturopath. This is a unique opportunity to further your knowledge and gain valuable insights into real world natural health applications. Who wouldn't want that on their resume!

Henry Kelsey Scholarship
The purpose of the scholarship is to provide funds for individuals to undertake research towards a PhD at a New Zealand university or research institution, studying muscular function, including the causes and treatment of muscular dysfunction.

High Value Nutraceuticals Masters Scholarship
The overall aim of this research is to discover the potential of LMWF extracted from NZ seaweed U. pinnatifida to be developed into an adjuvant in cervical cancer immunotherapy. The specific aims are: 1) successfully obtain LMWF and develop a LMWF formulation as a potential immune-adjuvant; 2) study LMWF’s ability to stimulate DC proliferation and maturation and its effect as an immuno-adjuvant in a cell culture system. The main outcome will be an immuno-adjuvant to be developed and ready to be applied in the clinical setting. Such new use will be attractive to researchers around the world, and we will submit the results to high impact journal for publication. An effective immuno-adjuvant may lead to a successful immunotherapy for cervical cancer, which will benefit all patients.

Hiwa-i-te-Rangi Māori Health Leadership Scholarship
This is a way for us to support the development of more future Māori leaders and decision makers within the health sector. 

Holcim Tertiary Scholarship
We are pleased to invite applications for the upcoming Holcim Tertiary Scholarship for up to 2 years in the Auckland Region. We will be offering this scholarship for the 2nd and 3rd year of the tertiary education, made up of $2,500 per Semester (Total of $5,000 per year).

HOPE Foundation Scholarship for Research on Ageing
This Scholarship for research into postgraduate aging will be offered for study at AUT in the year following application and will be funded by the HOPE Foundation.

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