Scholarships and Awards

D&AD Rare AUT Scholarship
D&AD Rare are providing scholarships to drive and retain diversity in the creative industries.  The scholarships are open to current second year students studying the Bachelor of Communication Studies or the Bachelor of Design at AUT who identify as belonging to one of the diversity groups referred to in the Regulations, is seen as a good role models by peers and who have excelled in effort and achievement in the first two years of their tertiary education.

DCT Māori and Pacific Mature Student Doctoral Scholarship
This scholarship is intended to provide support for Doctoral study completion, to Māori and Pacific Island students who choose to undertake Doctoral studies later in life and who are making good progress towards PhD studies

Des Graydon Memorial Scholarship
The aim of the scholarship is to encourage and support students facing financial barriers to undertake undergraduate studies in Business.

Dick and Mary Earle Scholarship in Technology
The purpose of the scholarship is to provide funds for individuals to undertake research towards a masterate or doctorate degree at a New Zealand university or research institution in one or both of these fields:
• innovation and product development
• bioprocess technology.

Doctoral Fee Scholarships (Art & Design)
The Doctoral Fee Scholarship (Art & Design) is offered to PhD candidates to nurture and support the research culture of the School of Art & Design

Doctoral Fee Scholarship (Culture and Society)
The purpose of this award is to support high achieving domestic students into doctoral study in the Faculty of Culture and Society.

Doctoral Fee Scholarship (Health and Environmental Sciences)
The purpose of this scholarship is to assist PhD or DHSc candidates further their studies in the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences.

Doctoral Fee Scholarships (Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences)
This scholarship is offered to PhD candidates in order to nurture and support the research culture of the School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences (SECMS).

Doctoral Scholarship - The Effects of Sensorimotor Skill Training on Movement Skill Development within a Primary School Setting
The research project will investigate the effects of sensorimotor skill training on movement skill development, using students from Whangaparaoa School. Information gathered from this doctoral research will be used to improve sport and physical activity practice at Whangaparaoa School. It will also support the development of a comprehensive movement curriculum, including learning resources, for young people throughout New Zealand. The objectives of the research are;
To investigate the acute and longitudinal effects on sensorimotor skill development on fundamental movement skills in primary school aged children.
To determine and account for possible confounders, including maturation status, somatotype, habitual physical activity and motivation.
To contribute important information for the development of a movement curriculum for young New Zealanders.  

The research will be supervised by AUT Professor John Cronin .

Doug Parke Memorial Scholarships
The purpose of the scholarship is to offer support to a student who is need of financial assistance to continue with his or her study.