Your privacy

The personal information collected at the time of your application will be held on the student administration database and will be made available only to authorised staff of the University. Some personal information (typically your name, current address, date of birth and academic details) from this database may be made available to external organisations.

AUT undertakes to collect and maintain student personal information in a manner consistent with the principles outlined in the Privacy Act 1993.

Uses of information collected

Personal information collected will be available to those members of the University staff responsible for:

  • Your enrolment
  • Providing student services
  • Establishing and maintaining your records
  • Maintaining order and discipline
  • Providing tuition, appropriate academic advice and support
  • Providing University activities and events
  • Organisations which may use the information

The information collected will not be released to all of these potential users, but may be released on request:

  • Student Association (AUTSA)
  • Alumni Association
  • Ministry of Education
  • Immigration New Zealand (INZ)
  • Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)
  • Education Training and Support Agency
  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)
  • Industry training organisations
  • Contributing secondary schools and other tertiary institutions
  • New Zealand Vice-Chancellors Committee (NZVCC)
  • Clinical Training Agency
  • Agencies that support students with scholarships and prizes
  • Professional councils and boards
  • Programme moderation bodies

Your name, date of birth and residency as entered on your application for enrolment form will be included in the National Student Index, and will be used in an authorised information-matching programme with the New Zealand birth register. For further information, please visit the National Student Index website