Personal and Contact Details

To complete your international student application to study at AUT, you need to provide the following information.

Personal details


Indicate your title by ticking the appropriate box or writing your title in the box marked ‘other’.


Print your legal first name(s) and surname. AUT is obliged to record your legal name under government requirements. Your legal name will be printed on your official AUT transcript and parchment, and must match the documents (passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate) you supply with your application. If you have changed your name please attach evidence (e.g. certified copy of marriage certificate).

Preferred first name

If you like to be called a name other than your legal first name (e.g. Nic instead of Nicholas) write that name. This name will be used during day-to-day communication with your lecturers and teaching staff however it won’t appear on your official transcript or parchment when you graduate.

Date of birth and gender

Please indicate your date of birth (dd/mm/yy) and your gender (male, female, gender diverse).

Country of citizenship

Provide the name of the country of which you are a citizen. This information must match the documents you supply with your application.


This is your origin of birth or descent rather than your nationality.

Have you or do you intend to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in New Zealand?

Indicate yes or no. If you answer yes, please read point 5.6.8 in the AUT's Protocol for Payment and Refund of Fees (15 pages, 578KB)

NSN or NZQA number

The National Student Index (NSI) is a system maintained by the New Zealand Ministry of Education containing registration details for all learners known to the Ministry. In New Zealand, each learner is given a life-long National Student Number (NSN). The same number is used on a learner’s NZQA (NZ Qualification Authority) Record of Achievement. If you have completed NCEA standards, you will already have an NSN. If you don’t know your NSN or NZQA number, please leave this section blank.

Contact details

If you apply through an AUT registered agent, all correspondence relating to your application will be forwarded to that agent. You may also be contacted by text, email, telephone or mail.

Please note the following as you complete the application:

What is your main contact address?

Please write your permanent/home address in this section. All postal correspondence will be mailed to this address unless you are applying through an AUT registered agent.

Telephone, mobile and email

Please provide current, valid numbers and addresses.

Alternate/permanent address

Please provide an alternate address (eg parents, relatives) so we can be sure of getting in touch with you if you are unavailable at your main contact address.

Who is your emergency contact?

In case of emergency we may be required to contact someone. Please state your emergency contact, their phone number and their relationship to you.

Updating your details

It is very important that the information you provide in the contact details section is kept up-to-date throughout the application process. If your details change, please notify the Student Hub