Application check list and declaration

This page has a checklist for international students who want to submit their application to study at AUT.

Before you submit your international student application make sure you:

Attach to your application form

  • A certified copy of your current passport or birth certificate
  • A certified copy of your official English language test results
  • Other supporting documentation related to your application
  • One passport sized photograph for your ID card (an ID card cannot be produced without a photo). The photo must be:
  • A recent photo less than six months old
  • A full-frontal view of face, head and shoulders, looking straight at the camera with eyes open and head straight
  • A true image and not altered in any way
  • Clear, sharp and in focus with minimum reflective light on the face
  • A plain, light coloured background (not white or dark) and no background shadow
  • Printed on high quality photographic paper of high resolution
  • Actual photo size of 45mm height x 35mm width
  • Head size a maximum 80% of the photo (36mm) and minimum 70% of the photo (32mm)

Only send certified copies of your documents

For details on how to submit certified/official documentation see certifying and submitting your documents for undergraduate

Sign and date your application

Ensure you read, sign and date the section under the student declaration section of the application.