Supporting documents

You must submit hard copies of supporting documents with your AUT application. If you apply online you will need to send these documents to us as soon as possible after completing your online application. If you apply on a paper application form, send the documents in with your application form.

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Documents you need to provide

Please provide a hard copy of the following documents to AUT. Do not send originals, send a legally certified photocopy. Find out how to certify your documents below.

1. Eligibility to study as a domestic student

You are eligible to study at AUT as a domestic student if you are:

  • A New Zealand citizen or holder of a residence class visa
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • A holder of a birth certificate with place of birth stated as Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau
  • Applying under refugee status

In order to prove your eligibility to study at AUT, we require certain documentation by law. This is very important and must be done in order to process your application. You will need to supply a certified copy, not an original, of one of the following documents:

New Zealand citizen

  • New Zealand birth certificate.
  • New Zealand passport.
  • Certificate of New Zealand citizenship or letter of confirmation.
  • A statement of Whakapapa, stating your full name, date of birth and countersigned by a Kaumātua or notable member of the Māori community. Note: this form of evidence is acceptable only when an applicant cannot obtain a birth certificate. Both the applicant and a Kaumātua must sign the Whakapapa as evidence of identity and citizenship.
  • Birth certificate with place of birth stated as Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau.

Holder of a New Zealand residence class visa

  • Passport with a New Zealand permanent resident visa or resident visa. You will also need to write your country of citizenship in the space provided.

Australian citizen or permanent resident

  • Australian birth certificate.
  • Australian passport.
  • Passport with an Australian permanent residence stamp.

Refugee status

  • Document from New Zealand Immigration Service as evidence of your application for refugee status. Please note: if you are applying under refugee status, you are only eligible to apply for English language courses.

2. Official tertiary results

If you have studied at a tertiary institution and attempted or gained a qualification, please attach a copy of your official record or academic transcript with subjects undertaken, results and details.

Please note that a certified hard copy of these documents may still need to be supplied by you in future as part of our audit process.

3. English language proficiency

If English, Māori or New Zealand Sign Language is not your first language and you have not gained a qualification at a New Zealand secondary school or tertiary institution, you will need to supply test results from IELTS (academic), TOEFL or Cambridge Certificate.

Note: only results achieved within the last two years can be considered.

4. A passport-sized photograph for your ID card

  1. Log in to your Arion account
  2. From the personal details page click through to the next page
  3. Upload your passport sized quality photo

Click through to the next page and check your contact details

Your AUT Student ID card photo needs to be:

  • A recent photo
  • Full colour, saved in JPEG or PNG file format
  • At least 200 x 200 pixels
  • Between 500kb and 10mb in size
  • A full-front view of your face, head and shoulders. Your eyes must be open
  • No sunglasses may be worn. Tinted prescription glasses may be worn, provided your eyes are still visible.
  • Without hats, head coverings or head bands (except for religious purposes)

Certifying your documents

In order to complete your admission, legal certification (proof that a photocopy is a true copy of the original document) must be completed and is very important. You can certify your documents in several ways.

  1. Bring the original document to AUT and show it to either the Student Hub or departmental administration staff. A copy will be made and signed by the staff member as being a true and accurate copy OR
  2. Take the original document and a photocopy of it to a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Member of Parliament, a barrister or solicitor, Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the courts.
  3. Ensure the above person states their title, stamps and signs the photocopied document as being a true and accurate copy of the original.
  4. Send the photocopied, stamped and signed documents in with your online application confirmation page if you apply online. If you apply on a paper application form, send the documents in with your application form.

Name changes

If your name is different from that which is stated on the birth certificate or passport you provide, you must also provide evidence of the legal name change, e.g. a certified copy of a marriage or civil union certificate or statutory declaration.

Where to send your documents

We will check the information you have provided and will contact you if we need more information.

Mail document to:

University Admissions Office
Auckland University of Technology
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142

Drop documents off

Drop your documents off at a Student Hub