Contact addresses

AUT needs to know how to contact you throughout the application process. It's important to keep your contact addresses up-to-date as AUT will send you notifications via text/email about your application to study at AUT.

Email address

It's important that you provide a valid email address that you use frequently since we will email you about the status of your application. Make sure you check your email regularly.

Permanent/home address

Include your permanent/home address in this section. If this is your main postal address where you want to receive information from us, please select the checkbox.

Note: ‘Miscellaneous’ refers to any additional part of the address, eg C/o, Attn:, apartment number etc.

Address while studying

Write your address while studying if this address is different to your home address. If it’s the same, leave these sections blank. If this address is your main postal address, select the checkbox provided.

Emergency contact

In cases of emergency we may be required to contact someone. Please state your emergency contact in this section, and their relationship to you, eg parent, caregiver, close family friend. Make sure you also provide their phone number.

Changed your address?

Let us know as soon as possible. You can change your details online or contact the Student Hub