Inquiry right answer to NZSAS raid claims – Kris Gledhill, NZ Herald Op-ed

Associate Professor Kris Gledhill

Hit & Run, which was authored by investigative journalist Nicky Hager and freelance journalist Jon Stephenson, is based on the NZ Special Air Service's (SAS) response to the first New Zealand death in combat in Afghanistan. In it, Hager and Stephenson allege that New Zealand elite soldiers killed six civilians and injured 15 during a raid in Afghanistan in 2010, contrary to official information from the NZ Ministry of Defence which claims no civilian deaths occurred.

Reflecting on the material put forward in the book in a NZ Herald op-ed, Associate Professor Kris Gledhill argues that Hager and Stephenson’s call for an independent investigation is well founded.

“Establishing the truth is important as a matter of law. One legal lens for this is international criminal law and its demand for investigations into possible war crimes. Another lens is that of human rights law, which is not suspended when there is an armed conflict.” says Kris.

Read the article in the New Zealand Herald

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