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Phil O’Connor’s vision of Auckland is a bleak one.

“Auckland will continue to be a place which is devastated until we can accept unborn children,” Mr O’Connor said as gloomy rain clouds gathered overhead.

The 63-year-old took shelter in a beachfront cafe at Mission Bay after table tennis practice to outline his vision: “my policies are, one, one only, and that is to eliminate abortion.”

He’s running to be the leader of Auckland Council, an organisation that doesn’t carry out any abortions.

“If I was elected mayor, the next day I would be down blocking an abortion clinic. I would stop the abortions that were happening there that day, I would wear my mayoral chains and I'd wear the gowns and I’d do the whole palaver,” said Mr O’Connor.

The mayoral candidate’s group, Christians Against Abortion, can’t be found online. He can’t be found online either. He didn’t submit a photo for the election - the only person not to do so aside from the candidate for Legalise Cannabis Auckland.

“I don’t campaign,” Mr O’Connor said, “I pray.”

He said he really does want the position of Auckland mayor, and young people should care too.

“My generation came in and we introduced abortion to this world ... it’s going to be a new generation that confronts this.”

In the 2013 election, Mr O’Connor received more than 3000 votes, but his detractors still outvoice his supporters.