Suggested subject choices

MathsScienceEnglishAccountingBusiness StudiesHistoryGeographyTourism Digital Technologies Construction and Mechanical technologies Gateway

SUBJECTS for interest, writing and balance: Geography, Social Studies, languages depending on your interests.

LOOK UP the subjects in your school’s subject guide to see what they are and where they lead to in Year 12, 13.

ASK ABOUT subject with Deans, teachers to fully understand what you would learn

Where do these lead in the future?

Accounting / Finance / Business Information Systems / Management / Law and Legal Studies Engineering Technologies Computer and Mathematical Sciences Hospitality / Tourism Management

Other industries

Administration and clerical work Accounts, records management Govt. services eg Customs and Immigration, Courts Travel and Tourism Health management and administration Cashier, casino and gaming services Aviation Drafting Technician Trades

Plan ahead for best options later

Why look ahead now?

- Its only when you explore future options you see the subjects that they want.
- Most degrees or training cover a range of work options, getting an idea of these early is useful. Read the majors or related jobs and find out what they mean.
- BUILD your JOBS and SUBJECTS word vocab, you can miss out on a good choice because you don’t understand what the words mean.