Additional fees

Additional fees to be charged separately:

In 2017, the additional charges for some of our Health papers were not included on the original tuition invoice sent to students, who will now receive a second invoice.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and have staff on hand to assist students with any concerns and enquiries (0800 AUT UNI) or via our website.

The issue is limited to one faculty and the vast majority of students will receive an invoice for charges between $22 and $182.

Some students will be invoiced between $500 and $1,000 to cover the additional fees.

For Oral Health students, the additional fees cover costs such as dental equipment and materials that are up to $3,480. The fees are a standard course costs and covered by student loans.


How will individual students know if they are affected?
We will be contacting all of the students prior to them receiving the second invoice. This will be through face-to-face briefings and email communication.

Are these fees covered by student loans?

How did this happen?
A combination of human and system error. We are improving our software to ensure that it does not happen again.

What are ‘additional fees’ and why do you charge them?
These fees are additional to tuition and cover a range of things from the commercial cleaning of lab-coats, to dental and other health equipment. In some cases, they cover external costs such as registration with bodies such as the Midwifery Council and fees for external examinations.

Will some students have to drop out of their courses because of this?
This is very unlikely. The fees can be covered by student loans and for anyone who is having financial difficulty we may be able to help with a hardship grant. Students can contact us through our Student Hub 0800 AUT UNI to find out more.

How do you know other students at AUT are not impacted?
This happened due to a change in the coding system for a small number of subjects in our Health and Environmental Science Faculty. We have made sure that it has not happened in other areas of the University.

Why didn’t you waive these additional fees?
The fees are charged each year and cover specific and real costs linked to the different fields of study.  While we are sorry for the inconvenience this admin error has caused, the costs do need to be covered and are for things like materials, equipment and professional registration that are necessary for people to practice in their field when they have completed their study.

Not charging would effectively penalises our other 28,000 students, as funds would need to be found to meet the real costs that these fees represent.

Why aren’t these fees simply included in the overall amount charged?
We want our students to see where their money is being used and be transparent by listing the additional fees. We have centralised and included things such as equipment purchase as it is more convenient for our students.

Last updated: 31-Mar-2017 9.56am

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