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Career Advisors' Update Day 2017

Thank you for those who attended AUT’s annual Careers Advisors' Update Day, it was an absolute pleasure hosting you once again at our City Campus. We hope you enjoyed the day and went away with new information for your students.

We have made available to you the following PowerPoints:

  1. PPT Morning Session
  2. Showcase Event

We always value your feedback. Please complete the online survey here from the Careers Advisors' Update Day 2017. 

Programme Updates

Find the latest programme updates from Auckland University of Technology for 2017 here.  

#iwillbe - What is #iwillbe?

  • #iwillbe is a digital tool in its early stages of development that helps your students make an educated decision about their future. Students are able to self-assess against a range of statements, to find the vocational personality type that fits them best.

  • Once subjects associated with the student's type are chosen, recommendations are given. NZQA-approved subjects are then suggested - these link to industries that most utilise the student's range of knowledge and skills.

  • The platform enables your students to start thinking about their career options, ensuring that they keep making the right subject choices as their career ideas develop and change. They will learn to become familiar with qualification options to inform their decision making.  

Information about our subject selection tool can be read here. The rationale for the AUT subject selection tool is available here.

Please see www.aut.ac.nz/iwillbe to view the tool, please feel free to provide any feedback to Jayne Mayerhofler on email jayne.mayerhofler@aut.ac.nz.

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