Zane Kelbrick

Zane Kelbrick

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Creative Technologies

He enjoys the freedom and creative environment the Bachelor of Creative Technologies offers, says Zane Kelbrick who is currently in the third year of his studies.

“I’ve really enjoyed being in an environment with likeminded creative individuals. It’s something that you just can’t really get from teaching yourself skills. AUT’s creative technologies programme also has a large amount of freedom. You can literally make anything you can justify. For example, I had long been interested in experimental audio and electronics, and this programme has provided an environment where I could explore this passion.”

The state-of-the art facilities students have access to at AUT have made it easy for Zane to experiment and work on different creative projects.

“AUT has a lot of new facilities that make a real difference when creating projects – from industrial 3D printers and a fully kitted wood, metal and resin working lab, to a motion capture lab and VR equipment. It has everything I need to create.”

A variety of options
Studying creative technologies enabled him to pursue a few of his passions all in one degree, Zane says.

“When I was looking at my study options after high school, I was at a crossroads between architecture, mechatronic engineering and digital design. With the Bachelor of Creative Technologies I could explore all those interests and more in an environment that encouraged my exploration rather than guide it down a single path.”

Zane says he would highly recommend the creative technologies programme to other students.

“I would recommend creative technologies to anyone who is self-motivated and wants a degree that enables them to continue their exploration into a range of different areas. If you want a degree to tell you what to do, there are a lot of other options.”

Advice for other students
Now in the final year of his degree, Zane has some great advice for other students.

“Make the most of your time at university, build connections and meet new people that will have lasting effects on your life. While grades matter, they aren’t going to mean much once you’re working – it’s the connections and experiences you’ve had that will make the most impact on your life.”

Zane himself has certainly made the most of his time at AUT and particularly enjoyed participating in the activities available for budding entrepreneurs.

“The AUT X Challenge has given me the opportunity to explore business, and without it I don’t think I’d be on the path I am now on. I really appreciated the help of the innovation and entrepreneurship team to develop my business skills, and also enjoyed taking part in the CO.STARTERS@AUT programme. I’m interested in building my own companies with the new entrepreneurship skills I’ve picked up from my time at AUT.”

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