Yuli Wang

Yuli Wang

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Design in Digital Design

She is passionate about art and film, says Yuli Wang who came to AUT as an international student from China and is now in the final year of a Bachelor of Design in Digital Design.

“I love watching movies during my spare time, and enjoy making them as well. Learning all the valuable skills of creating short films or videos has always interested me. As part of my design degree, I’m specialising in visual effects, which has given me the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge in this area and build a platform to start my career in video creation.”

Being able to work on different video projects has been one of the highlights of her studies.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with different people and creating different types of videos. It gave me the opportunity to experience what it’s like working as a team and completing a project together, which is valuable for my future career. If you’re creative and interested in creating your own films, games or animations, this is an excellent programme to expand your potential in the art and design area. You get to learn some amazing skills; not only in your chosen major but also from working as a team.”

Making connections
Yuli is enjoying making the most of living and studying in Auckland.

“While studying in New Zealand, I got to meet some fantastic people at AUT. I’ve met a lot of friends who share the same values as me. I’ve enjoyed hanging out with them, and creating unique and memorable experiences.”

She already has a good idea what she would like to do next after she finishes her studies.

“Currently, I’m doing an internship as a digital content creator at Go with Tourism for Auckland Council. I’m really enjoying this great opportunity and experience, and am hoping to land a job in the same position at Go with Tourism after graduation. I plan on working in New Zealand for a while, then travelling with my boyfriend, experiencing different cultures and focusing on my own video projects.”

Advice for other students
Expecting to graduate at the end of the year, Yuli has some great advice for other students.

“Don’t be afraid of asking for help – there are many exceptional services AUT provides whenever you need support.”

Her other piece of advice is to make the most of university life.

“I’d recommend not being shy in getting out of your comfort zone and making new friends. For example, I’m part of the AUT student ambassador team, and through this programme I’ve expanded my knowledge in the area of leadership and got to meet many amazing people. It’s definitely a great experience to have. My advice is to join some clubs and activities, and enjoy your university life!”

*The Digital Design major has been replaced by the Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design major. The Bachelor of Design is now known as Te Tohu Paetahi mō te Hoahoa - Bachelor of Design.

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