Yue (Joyce) Liu

Yue (Joyce) Liu

Director, Touchpoint Chinese Creative Agency
Master of Design

Connecting brands with Chinese culture and helping them enter the Chinese market is the mission of design alumna Yue (Joyce) Liu and her company Touchpoint Chinese Creative Agency.

“I’m proud to say that we are a unique full-service cross-cultural creative agency in New Zealand as well as in China. We are the only cross-cultural agency utilising design thinking and cultural awareness of our consumers.

“I set up Touchpoint Chinese Creative Agency together with my Master of Design classmate Ting Chen in 2013. This was inspired by my last assessment at AUT – I developed a business model and did an analysis to create a new type of design agency; a solutions-based design agency with cultural awareness and design thinking as the core approach.”

The road to success
After founding Touchpoint Chinese Creative Agency in 2013, Joyce and her team have had a number of successes over the past seven years.

“We started from nowhere, and now we have big corporates like ASB, Placemakers, Fonterra and Sugartree as our long-term clients.”

She enjoys the challenges and opportunities running her own business offers.

“I’ve found that the beauty of leading my own company, based on my own research, is that I can flexibly fit into the market without changing the long-term vision of my business. It’s a process of proving if the tools or resources of my business are valid for the current market. It’s a way of changing the world with our way and our intention.”

A fresh start
Joyce made the decision to enrol in AUT’s Master of Design after almost a decade working in video production, graphic design and tutoring.

“I decided to go back to university, using this degree to give myself space to think outside the box and learn to see a world that I haven’t truly observed. I chose to come to AUT for postgraduate study because its academic culture is more flexible and the subjects you cover in the Master of Design are more aligned with modern business.”

It’s a decision she hasn’t regretted, says Joyce who completed her Master of Design in two years part-time, graduating from AUT in 2013.

“I feel that the degree was the key to my career – it changed how I look at the world and gave me the courage to start my own business. At AUT, I had great teachers, great classrooms, great classmates and great studying facilities.”

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