Yiyang Pan

Yiyang Pan

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in International Business and Strategy
Certificate in Business

Studying business can open up a wide range of careers, says Yiyang Pan who is currently in the final year of her Bachelor of Business in International Business and Strategy.

“The good career prospects are one of the reasons I decided to study business. I think the charm of business is that it doesn’t just have one fixed path to success. The AUT Business School focuses on helping students develop their soft skills, including social skills, communication skills and analytic skills; all skills that are essential for most careers.”

Expecting to graduate at the end of the year, Yiyang already has a good idea what she plans to do next.

“I’m personally very interested in the luxury industry. I’d like to first join a trainee programme at a luxury company like LVMH or Richemont to gain some experience. I’d like to work for a year and a half to two years, and then go to study a master’s degree in luxury management.”

Prepared for the future
Yiyang says, she is glad she came to AUT as an international student.

“When I first came to New Zealand, I was afraid that it might be difficult to integrate, but thanks to the diverse culture on campus, the concerns of the academic staff and the enthusiasm of my classmates I never felt lonely.

“I like that AUT is located in the heart of Auckland. The building design of the AUT Business School and the supporting facilities are also highlights of the university. AUT also provides accommodation for students, so international students don’t have to worry about where to live during their studies.”

AUT prepares students well for their future, she says.

“I came to AUT because I had heard that it offers a variety of courses that are directly related to students’ future career. The university encourages workshop teaching, pays attention to students’ practical skills, and emphasizes the interaction between students and tutors. I also appreciate that the last semester of my degree includes workplace experience. This will be very helpful for my future career path.”

A year in Paris
One of the highlights of Yiyang’s studies so far has been going on a student exchange to France as part of her degree.

“In the international business degree, AUT encourages students to go on an overseas exchange or complete an internship abroad, so that students can leave their comfort zone, enrich their life experiences and better understand what they’ve learnt. I was fortunate to have the chance to study at HEC Paris for a year.”

Going on a student exchange has given her unforgettable memories, Yiyang says.

“During the student exchange, I made many new friends, experienced different teaching styles, tried a lot of new things and looked at the beautiful scenery in Europe. This exchange experience will also become an unforgettable memory of my university days.”

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