YiMeng Tian

YiMeng Tian

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Information Systems

Business is at the heart of every industry, says YiMeng Tian who came to AUT as an international student from China and is currently completing a Bachelor of Business in Information Systems.

“I chose to study business because business is inseparable from any industry. It’s a digital world now, with information systems becoming more and more important, so it made sense to major in information systems for my degree. Once I graduate, I’d like to work in supply chain management and become a purchasing management manager.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AUT’s Bachelor of Business to other students.

“What I like most about AUT is its teaching style and that the business degree includes workplace experience in the third year. I think the workplace experience can help us better test the knowledge we’ve learnt at university, accumulate more experiences and better integrate into the workplace after graduation. I also appreciate that the AUT Business School has helped us find organisations for our work placements, which shows AUT’s care for students.”

A time of uncertainty
As much as YiMeng has been enjoying her studies at AUT, she admits that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a bit of havoc during the second half of her degree.

“I’m now in the final year of my degree and normally I would have expected to graduate at the end of 2021, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic I took one semester off. I was in China and wasn’t comfortable studying online to continue my studies, so decided to take a one-semester gap. I wanted to come back to New Zealand and AUT but the borders were closed.

“While the AUT Business School offers online study for international students who can’t currently return to AUT to continue their studies, I prefer learning in the classroom and I really didn’t want to miss my graduation ceremony. My friends in New Zealand were also saying that the pandemic control measures in New Zealand have been very successful so far. I chose to come back as soon as I could.”

She is grateful for the support she has been offered to prepare for her return to New Zealand, and one AUT staff member made a particular impression.

“Before I came back, Marlene Lu from the support team for international students helped me a lot. She patiently answered any questions I asked about returning to AUT and Auckland.”

Advice for other students planning to return to New Zealand
Now safely back in Auckland and busy with her studies, YiMeng has some great advice for other students who are considering returning to AUT to continue their studies.

“Don’t be too nervous or worried about safety issues on the way to New Zealand or during the isolation process. AUT will help you during your return, and New Zealand’s anti-pandemic measures for quarantine hotels are very strict. I’m also grateful that I had an AUT staff member call me to check about my isolation status and to offer free online English courses for returning students to help us adapt before university started again.”

She also has some great advice on coping with the two-week quarantine when returning to New Zealand.

“The quarantine period may seem long, but it passed quickly. At the hotel, I could go for a walk whenever I was bored. The activity area was open only at certain times and only to a limited number of people, and each person had to be separated by two metres. There were always staff around and disinfection products provided. Therefore, it’s very safe to go out. The hotel may also provide services for going out by bus. You’ll need to be separated from each other and must wear a mask. Don't worry about safety; you’ll be required to use disinfectant when getting on and off the car.

“During the quarantine, I also selected many interesting TV shows and movies to watch. I spent most of my isolation time watching movies, and video chatting with my family and friends.”

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