Xingbin Cheng

Xingbin Cheng

Mobile Application Developer, Datamars Ltd
Master of Computer and Information Sciences

He would highly recommend AUT’s Master of Computer and Information Sciences to others, says Xingbin Cheng who came to AUT as an international student from China and graduated this August.

“I’d like to recommend this programme to anyone who wants to learn and apply emerging technologies to real-life projects, as this will help you resolve tricky issues in the real world. More importantly, the programme gives you the chance to work on real projects where you can prove that your solution actually works and generates value.”

For Xingbin, attending one of the many networking events available to postgraduate students at AUT helped him find the topic for his master’s degree thesis and opened the door to a great job after completing his studies.

“In my first semester, my supervisor had organised a lecture where he invited his friend, an experienced software architect, who shared his latest findings about an innovative approach to software architecture. I was attracted by this new approach and started to learn more about how it works. This helped me become the chosen candidate for this research project. I’ve recently also been hired by the company the experienced software architect works for.”

Researching savings for commercial projects
For his Master of Computer and Information Sciences research Xingbin investigated an innovative approach to software architecture that has the potential to improve the maintainability of commercial projects.

“This software architecture was created by a New Zealand based company, and my research explored to what extent it can improve software maintainability. My research has significant value for commercial projects, as this new approach to software architecture will save time and costs for developing software.

“I was fortunate to have been awarded a $25,000 Callaghan Innovation Scholarship to support my research, and am proud that my thesis has received an A+.”

Xingbin’s research was supervised by Associate Professor Roopak Sinha from the AUT Software Engineering Research Centre, which is part of AUT’s School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

Choosing AUT
With a bachelor’s degree in computer science from China and several years’ professional experience in the field, Xingbin decided to enrol in postgraduate study to further his knowledge and take his career to the next level.

“I’ve worked in related jobs for several years after finishing my undergraduate study. Enrolling in the Master of Computer and Information Sciences was not only a summary of my previous work and experience, but has enabled me to investigate the field of computer science further and become more familiar with emerging technologies in this fast-changing industry.”

He says he appreciated AUT’s approach to university education.

“I believe AUT combines academic studies and industry knowledge well, which is very helpful for real-life uses and solutions. Students learn not only about the theory, but can also apply their knowledge to meet industry requirements which offers great value.”

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