Xiaoyue (Eviv) Hu

Xiaoyue (Eviv) Hu

IT Support, Vodafone
Master of Engineering

She has always been fascinated by engineering and technology, says Xiaoyue (Eviv) Hu who studied a Master of Engineering.

“I love engineering. I’ve always been interested in practical things and I like that engineering has so many real-life applications. I know that many girls find engineering a bit challenging, but I’ve always loved this challenge and enjoyed solving problems.”

For Eviv, the Master of Engineering was the perfect way to further her engineering career.

“I already had a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication engineering, and I felt the Master of Engineering was a great way to extend this knowledge and advance my career, surrounded by excellent academics and facilities.”

Solving telecommunication challenges
For her master’s research, Eviv built on her expertise in the field of telecommunications.

“My research project focused on power control for device-to-device underlying cellular networks. It’s a new method to increase the throughput of the cellular units, and interference from the previous cellular communication is the biggest challenge. With the power control method I could solve this issue, but the work could only be done in a simulation programme.

“What I enjoyed most about my studies was being able to work on different cases each day. Every day was a new day to learn a new method. It was an adventure,” says Eviv who worked as a sales consultant for Vodafone in addition to her studies.

A supportive environment
Studying a different country and in a different language has been one of her biggest challenges, Eviv admits.

“In the beginning, it was difficult to get used to the New Zealand education system, which is very different from China. Fortunately, my AUT peer tutor helped me a lot, and my professor was always happy to answer my questions and explain things to me.”

She would highly recommend AUT to other students, she says.

“Studying at AUT is the best choice I ever made, and I would definitely recommend the Master of Engineering. It’s a great choice for Chinese students. I also love that AUT has a Chinese Centre to support Chinese-speaking students, as well as language courses for students with lower IELTS grades.”