Xianhua (Andy) Huang

Xianhua (Andy) Huang

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Building Engineering

Being able to hear from guest speakers who are construction industry professionals has been a highlight of his studies, says Xianhua (Andy) Huang who came to AUT to study a Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Building Engineering.

“I enjoyed having industry professionals come in to present a guest lecture to our class, and share their experiences and knowledge with us. The guest speakers have inspired me to become a member of the construction industry myself.”

Working with his classmates on a group assignment has been another highpoint of his studies.

“My favourite was the group assignment, which taught me how to handle problems as a group and how to work with each other, including students from other engineering majors. I think that’s a very useful way to help us improve our communication skills and show us how the construction industry really works. The knowledge I’ve gained has been my biggest achievement and I feel it enables me to enter the construction industry, ready to handle and overcome any challenges.”

A future in construction
Andy says he was in high school when he realised he wanted a career in the building and construction industry.

“When I was a high school student, I decided I wanted to work in the construction industry. AUT’s Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Building Engineering attracted me because the degree involved lots of residential construction knowledge. I could see that his knowledge will be very useful if I plan to work in the New Zealand construction industry in the future.”

He already has a clear idea how he sees his future career.

“My dream is to enter the construction industry as a construction manager and gain experience from there. Eventually, I’d like to start my own business as part of the construction industry in New Zealand.”

Advice for other students
Now in the final stages of his degree, Andy has some great advice for other students.

“University isn’t just about study; it’s also a part of your life. The degree you choose to study should be one you like and enjoy. As long as you learn from it, it will support your career in the future.”

He would highly recommend the building engineering degree, Andy says.

“I would recommend the programme to students who are interested in the construction industry, especially residential construction. The programme is new but each of the courses is useful for your future career because it covers the knowledge you’ll need to become a professional construction manager or work in another role related to the construction industry.”

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