Weixi (Frank) Wang

Weixi (Frank) Wang

Final-year student, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Construction Engineering

Buildings are a crystallisation of modern human engineering, says Weixi (Frank) Wang who came to AUT as an international student from China and is graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Construction Engineering this August.

“Every building contains countless applications of experience and scientific ideas. I really want to participate in these construction projects and let my knowledge become part of these outstanding achievements. After graduating, I plan to work on a construction site for a few years and then study for a master’s degree to gain specialised knowledge.”

He would highly recommend AUT’s construction engineering degree to other students, Frank says.

“The construction industry in New Zealand is booming, and AUT launched this degree to meet the needs of the industry. As a young university, AUT not only has a very good QS ranking, but also has a more innovative spirit. Throughout my studies I’ve appreciated that the lecturers have strong teaching abilities, and always provide students with the most practical teaching content. No matter what career plan you have, what you learn at AUT will become a solid foundation for your future development.”

The support to succeed
The lecturers spare no effort to support you, Frank says.

“There was a point when I was uncertain about my future career planning and development, which affected my study. I went to see our programme leader, Dr Sherif Beskhyroun, and he talked about a research project on detection sensors inside bridges he and his doctoral students were involved in.  His academic attitude, calmness and confidence made quite an impression on me, and inspired me to want to make an impact on the field of construction engineering myself. I’m very grateful for his help.”

He also appreciated the support he and his classmates received throughout their final-year project when they found themselves with fewer team members and less time to complete the project.

“I think the biggest achievement was receiving an A grade in my final-year project. This project is very close to reality and you’re involved in the entire process from project design to construction. Normally, each team would have five team members and one year to complete the project, but my group only had three members and half a year. We worked so hard on it and got the full support of AUT and the lecturers.”

Advice for other students
Make the most of your time at university, Frank advises other students.

“Actively participating in school activities and competitions will not only benefit your future employment or skills development, but is also a great chance to meet people from all over the world and from different cultural backgrounds. This will greatly expand your horizons.”

Don't hesitate to ask your lecturers if you encounter any problems, he adds.

“Most of the lecturers at AUT are industry veterans and will not only guide you academically. If you’re confused about your career planning and future development, the lecturers are always happy to use their life experience to help you.”

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